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  1. Hey survivalers, ok last one, if someone could correct this I promise to leave you guys alone i had to write a story that would be fatured in a hebdomadary magazine. C’était la fin de la journée, j’avais l’intention de me reposer et de rêver, quand tout à coup j’ai entendu un bruit dehors. Je suis allé voir par ma fenêtre, mais il n’y était rien. Je me suis retourné et j’ai vu mon chien Tim, perturbé. Soudain j’ai entendu : Tu peux m’entendre ? Moi, avant sauté trois mètres dans l’air a répondu au voix : Euhh…oui ? Ah c’est super ! Tu as encore des Césars ? J’ai super-faim. Il n’y avait perso
  2. hey survivalers! i was on here yesterday with some german and french work i had done, asking if someone could correct it for me. So here I am again, if someone could just recheck the following french and german assignments, that would be awesome, i really appreciate the help. for this German one, i had to read about the wansee museum/Villa marlier and make an article in a travel brochure: Eine Gedenkstätte , die man heute in Berlin spezifisch im Südwesten bestaunen kann ist die Villa Marlier, wo die Wannsee Konferenz stattgefunden hat. Weiterhin trägt die Villa vieles zur Holokaust bei: In der
  3. Hey guys, i have my last two german and french exams on the 20th and the 22nd. I wrote a practice paper 2 on both of them, they are pasted below. i would really appreciate it if someone could just look for any major errors. thanks so much! I realise that the mark schemes indicate what i should or should not include, but for me the grammar part is more important. For this french one I had to read a text about la martinique, and had to write a diary entry about it. Cher journal intime, C’est lundi, le commencement de la semaine de travail, c’est lundi. Le plus ennuyeux de tous les jours de trava
  4. in my humble opinion Ib survival should be a place where students can have fast and quick feedback on tasks or problems they have. we should have a quick answer board or something of the like. for instance, it would be where people as long as their problem is iB related they can copy paste the text or ask questions and within minutes they would get an answer, get a small notification, and could so continue their work. TL:DR we need a fast and easy Q and A reply system *just my opinion*
  5. In my school the Ib is represented as a new faction of students. We are in the most literal sense: "those guys who speak English all the time" Since the IB program is relatively new in our school, whcih is a local school where the primary languages are german, French and luxembourgish, it is hard for students currently undergoing the Ib program to mingle with the other local students. However, there are some students which have transitioned from the Iocal School system into the IB, and since they speak luxembourgish, they are the link which allows IB students and locals to mix. Coming back to
  6. hello fellow survival-ers, below is a German exercise that my teacher asked us to write. it is about the film "merry christmas" by Christian Carion. Anyway, in the review i focused on the camera perspectives, music and the setting. Any constructive crticism is welcome. Merry Christmas – Ein Film über Krieg? Die Fetzen fliegen. Bomben explodieren. Das ist Krieg. Wir schreiben 1914, der erste Weltkrieg ist in voller Kraft aun kein Ende in Sicht. Mittendrin sitzt die ganze Welt, die sich langsam aber sicher selbst zerstört. Merry Christmas (original: Joyeux noël )ein Speilfilm von Christian Cario
  7. hi guys, my practice tok essay is below. i would appreciate your feedback Question: The vocabulary we know does more than communicate our knowledge; it shapes what we can know. Evaluate this claim with reference to different areas of knowledge. As with every explanation, commentary or thinking exercise, it is always easier to define certain expressions to fully understand the claim at hand. The claim mentions the words: vocabulary, communicate and knowledge, all of which are important to understand this evaluation. Vocabulary are the words that a certain person is in command of, whether verbal
  8. Just breathe in and then speak. Remember these things: 1. The audience doesnt know how you have planned your speech, if you make a mistake, go with it. 2. Remember that as you are under stress by talking, time apparently flows faster when you talk, remember to take a little breath of about 3 seconds, this gives your audience a chance to reflect about your words and prep themselves for your next part. 3. if you have an audience of 200 plus people, remember that most of them will never see you again, so dont worry too much about messing up. 4. Speaking of messing up, remember that we all are onl
  9. I usually take procastination HL and i usually get 7's in it For me, my parents are pretty controllable, but its best to get to work right away. It's hard but it's really worth it in the end. Here are some things that you can do: 1.Get motivated, if you want to do something you want to do, its a lot easier to get done. 2.Get time, dont rush. everything is better when it takes time (except loading screens) 3.Find time, this is different to the "get time" one. If you find time and turn out to have too much, why not fill it with homework? 4.Realize that handing in good homework and getting a goo
  10. Game theory? Like the creation of video games through programming?
  11. Hey IB community, Unfortunately, the EE is inching closer by the minute, due for may 2013, im doing mine in economics. and i have a pretty good idea of what I am going to do, i just wanted to hear what you guys are/were writing about. I heard some cool stuff like, "modelling a taco", but im all ears. So tell me!
  12. Hey guys, just wandering if you guys could help me on what topics to focus on in making a small summary of caryl phillips "the nature of blood". I know that race, ethnicity and past are all very important i just wanted to know if i was missing anything. THX!
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