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  1. Just out of curiousity, has anyone done this before? If so, what activity did you do and were there any problems in documentation after?
  2. 16 downloads

    Notes on how Napoleon rose to power in chart form.
  3. 13 downloads

    Table of notes on the various reforms of the French Revolutionary Clubs.
  4. 48 downloads

    Outline for Music revised for the exams taking place in 2013.
  5. 62 downloads

    Outline for Psychology revised for the exams taking place in 2013.
  6. 71 downloads

    Outline for Geography revised for the exams of 2013.
  7. 61 downloads

    Outlines the major features of the course, and the syllabus and assessment requirements.
  8. 91 downloads

    Outline for Economics revised for the exams taking place in 2013.
  9. I woud choose number two as well. Number one is a little vague. It would work better if you narrowed it a little bit to individual clubs, I think. I don't recall enough to comment on number three. Sorry. :x
  10. I find that different styles of 'notes' work better for certain tasks. For internal assessments, like essays, I usually compile a chart based on 'themes', while to study for the exam I organize the information in a list based on time, location, and importance/impact. Usually, I type my notes while my teacher is teaching us. I tried recording audio notes once or twice, but it turned out that I couldn't retain as much information that way.
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