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  1. haha, the way you phrased the question got me thinking I was browsing ToK for a while... if you feel like you've tried your best, that's all you can really ask for, right? anyways, best of luck to you!
  2. If I were you, I'd avoid doing an EE on maths/physics. Trust me. I spent weeks trying to come up with a decent topic for both that's easily doable but I've found that: original topics (which will get you high marks) are those that are extremely difficult to do (especially without proper resources if it's physics-related) and that likewise those that are easy to do are extremely unoriginal. From what I've heard, I also held this belief that the EE topic was an important factor to admissions, but apparently it isn't so I wouldn't stress out of that. Geography topics, on the other hand, do pretty
  3. Take advice from one who spent weeks struggling to 'fit' in a physics EE moving topics like mad from kinetmatics to thermal to dielectrics... only to finally settle with a history one (and thereby wasting a CRAPLOAD of time): UNLESS you are absolutely sure that you have both resources available and that you REALLY want to do an experimental-sciences based EE, stay away from physics and go into the pure research EE subject areas (like history). The only 'doable' and legitimate experimental sciences EE's that I've encountered are those from chemistry and those still will be difficult to do. In m
  4. Against better judgment and advice of those above me, I've decided to (for sure this time -- as I've been hesitant in the past) my EE on physics: "How does a multi-layer of dielectrics of different materials affect a capacitor's capacitance?" This decision just comes after the fact that an EE on history/politics just seems way too banal for me. Even if I were to come up with an original topic (which is hard to find in these subjects these days!), I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much. ...But this isn't to say that I did not appreciate all your advice. I thank you all heavily for your input!! Wi
  5. Hi guys, So recently I've become torn over choosing between two EE topics. I don't have much concern about the topics themselves but rather on whether or not they'll have an impact in the college applications process. I'm not sure about those living outside the US here, but I hear that EE's play a pretty decent role in, say, interviews. That's why I'm not sure if I should pursue a politics/world history essay about Communism and the recent death of Kim Jong Il or modeling a relationship of specific heat as a function of atomic mass because, to be frank, I'm not sure if the latter could get an
  6. ^ I think you mean "heterosexual"? Either case, I don't think you meant to use the word "heterogeneous"
  7. 1. The intentional destruction of passenger planes as a mean of policy change 2. Determining the center of mass of various objects using calculus 3. Something to do with the acai berry (help here would be nice!) ... Those are some additional thoughts I have on my EE. Fast help would be nice! Question is due in a few hours...
  8. If anyone out there is still working on this/finished, could you please confirm or answer as much as you can about the following? 1. The trend of the fish farms plot seems to be following that of an exponential function (despite the fluctuation towards the end). 2. The generally decreasing trend of fish-catching in the sea is explained by the rise in fish farming. 3. ??? The fish production from the sea will continue to decrease (general trend) while the fish production from fish farms will continue to increase - however, only up until a certain point for both as fish farms are limited in the
  9. Yeah, it just so happens that our school offers multiple programs (one of them being the IB program) and I happen to be in both IB and another program that places heavy emphasis on the sciences and math. Whether it's that doing so is just tradition or that it's required for the diplomas in both programs, most of the people in the past that have been in my situation opt to exit out of Math at SL (but the actual classes we're taking in Math go way beyond that). Then again, I'm not sure I'll be able to come up with a Math EE topic/question in the next two days so I might just end up going for pol
  10. (A bit of a pre-text: I'm working on the SL Type II investigation regarding Fish Production) This is actually off topic but I've also been going through a couple posts about finding a function analytically and I've found one of your posts with a scanned document dating back to about a year ago: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/9033-type-ii-population-trends-in-china/page__st__260__p__99521#entry99521 I was wondering... It seems as if the graph becomes a better and better fit as you use more points to arrive at the constants. With this in mind, for my IA I found a function (from a similar datase
  11. Ok so for the past hour, I've been browsing the forums trying to figure out what exactly is meant by "discuss[ing] any parameters/constraints." A simple question. I've reached three possible conclusions: 1. Parameters are numerical as in the constants related to a specific graph (e.g. the 'a,' 'b,' and 'c' of a quadratic function y = ax^2 + bx + c) 2. Parameters are the limits placed on the data (e.g. years cannot be negative). or, the likeliest one; 3. Parameters/constraints are the actual physical limitations of the investigation. So if it were on Fish Production (which is what my investigat
  12. Not at the moment. But what do you mean by applied math? I'm kind of lost by suggestions that say I should involve real-life applications. Examples perhaps?
  13. (post - sorry I realize this is a bit inefficient. Reply is up above. Thanks!)
  14. In that case, would a revision to the topic on irrational numbers work? As in... Comparing/contrasting the different methods used to calculate the mathematical constants pi and e (or other irrational constants)? or the like? On the other hand, if there are any physicists out there then perhaps maybe they could help expand my idea on the disparities between the theoretical and applied physics of projectile motion? (Which seems a) too simple and b) overdone as well)... On a side note, thanks for the replies! Never imagined getting beyond one.
  15. I've been trying to come up with a topic and for math I was just wondering how original an EE on irrational numbers and the various ways they are calculated is. Of course it's something that I'm going to expand on, but opinions on the topic in general would be appreciated. Why should you help? Because the color of the text you are reading is a shade of gray. Muchas grace-e-ahs
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