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  1. Higher level: English A1: 5 Psychology: 6 Biology: 4 (was hoping for a 5 at least, pretty gutted) Standard level: French B: 5 History: 5 Maths Studies: 6 1 extra point: ToK: C Extended Essay in Psychology: C Total score: 32 Diploma awarded Problem is, my insurance was 33 with 655 in my HL, and my firm choice was 35 with a 6 in psychology. Does anyone know how lenient unis are likely to be? It's only the 2nd year my college have done the IB.
  2. My firm choice is York and my insurance is Manchester, I'm doing psychology
  3. Version PDF


    My tutor gave this 22/22, so hopefully someone will find it useful
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    My tutor gave this assignment 22/22, so I hope it's useful to someone
  5. There's two methods that I use to plan what I'm going to say. If you use these well, there's not much chance of getting stuck for something to say!!! I use the SCASI framework (Style, Character, Action, Setting, Images/Imagery), and talk through one at a time, trying to make links between them. This can be good for your introduction (ie: The author's style, and the lack of action creates a certain image/tone...) Also think of STOP BAD FIT. This stands for: Symbol, Themes, Organisation, Progression... Big Three (Speaker, Audience, Situation), Atmosphere, Diction... Figurative language, Imagery,
  6. I believe the delay this year miiight be slightly related to this: http://www.guardian....ns-process-rich By the way, I still haven't heard from UCL or LSE. It's up to you really. With your predicted score, I don't think it's that much of a risk to put the university requiring 33 points as your insurance. But on the other hand, to be VERY safe you would want to go with the one that wants 27 points. But you shouldn't look only at the points. Other factors that you have to think about are the unis' rankings/fame, location, price, YOUR own opinion of each uni and how CONFIDENT you are with the e
  7. The models I've been taught are: The Health Belief Model (first proposed by Rosenstock in 1974) The Cognitive Dissonance Theory (first proposed by Festinger in 1975) The Stages of Change Model Hope this helps
  8. Has anyone got any ideas about what a reasonable insurance score would be? I'm predicted between 36 and 40 points and my first choice want 35 points. Then I'm either going to have an insurance of either 27 points (just in case something goes really wrong), or 33 points. Has anyone got any views on which is the best to choose?
  9. Judging by your EE topic you might know a "little" more, no? haha haha, yeah just a bit!!
  10. Stress has been proven to affect your immune system, so try to take regular breaks and don't overload yourself with things to do. Planning your time and working out exactly what you have to do and when it needs to be done makes it easier for you to prioritise, and might make you feel better. Hope this helps
  11. I don't think there's an exact number, as long as you use relevant studies that help you argue your point well. My tutor suggest evaluating studies by GMEC: referring to Gender, Methodology, Ethnicity, and Cultural issues, which can help you to challenge the validity of findings. Hope this helps!!
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