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  1. HUH! Thank You Very Much! Now I get it!
  2. I cant seem to solve part b of of this question. Any help would be awesome.
  3. Can you please give a link to that new Data Booklet, I am taking the Statistics and Probability option.
  4. I've heard that only 1% of students taking ITGS get a 7. Which subject do you think is easier? Economics or ITGS?
  5. Which subject should I take next year? History HL or ITGS HL? I have an equal interest in both technology and history. My Subjects: Math HL Physics HL Chemistry HL ITGS or History HL Arabic Lang and Lit SL English Lang and Lit SL I am planning on dropping one of those HL subjects by next year. I am also planning on majoring in Computer Science. Should I change any of these subjects to something else? Is it too hard? Thanks In Advance!
  6. It isn't very popular in Egypt, but there is a Facebook page named "Egypt's Sarcasm Society," its very similar to 9gag, at times a post is posted every 3 seconds! Its CRAZY!
  7. Surely this is an extremely Isreal-centric point of view, though? Surely the best way forward would be to return the land that used to belong to them back to the Palestinians. It certainly seems the fairest to me. I don't see why the Palestinians must lose their sovereignty or move to other countries all because many many years ago the UN felt sorry for Jewish people after the holocaust and granted them a land grab. It's not as though there would no longer be enough room for the people of Israel. To be honest, I think that the response of the UN is actually along the same lines as the holocaus
  8. Yes, Palestine was not a nation, it was part of the Ottoman Empire. With the fall of the Ottomans France and England divided all the Arab countries into smaller bits and pieces, making Palestine the once Arab Ottoman land a Zionist state, this is where the conflict emerges. Have you heard about the "Right of Return" which is a right for all refugees to return to their homeland. This right is enlisted in the UDHR which is signed by all nations in the UN including Israel, but sadly there are 4,375,050 refugees with no where to go, are unable to return to their homeland because of the ruthlessnes
  9. That just doesn't make sense, you can make the Native Americans rule the USA because they lived their several centuries before. Just because Jews living in Palestine several centuries ago converted to Islam, doesn't mean European Jews should claim Palestine to be their own land, that is just a very warped way of thinking. Arab Jews who didn't convert to Islam were living side by side with Muslims! For Gods sake Arab Jews themselves are discriminated against in modern day Israel! Make your teacher read this she'll have the shock of her life: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/bookreviews/
  10. Why not starve? Plants have souls too...
  11. Kinda... I slept at 1 am woke up at 5:45 am and slept at 12 am! So that's about only 10 hours of sleep in a period of 2 days, and I should sleep 8 hours a day! Then again, I haven't started IB yet!
  12. It's death for me then I seriously need to stop procrastinating... I say that every minute of every day, but every time I work on something I just get distracted and do something else, If I am writing an essay on WWII for example you'd find me drifting into reading about some weird battle or something on WWII, when the essay is supposed to be handed in the next day! Its JUST CRAZY!
  13. I've met with a counselor and I believe he hadn't mentioned anything about not having 2 A languages. I think I am leaning more towards the Medical field, as I find it quite interesting. OH! What exactly is an Extended Essay?
  14. This is what I am planning to take next year:- English Language and Literature SL Arabic Language and Literature SL Math SL Chemistry HL Biology HL History HL -What do you guys think? -Is it too easy? -How is Chemistry HL? -Should I take English Literature? Whats the difference? Does A1 and A2 indicate that A2 is a lower level or is it just a different subject?
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