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  1. The physics course is designed so that a student doing maths studies can do it, therefore you don't need a lot of background maths except some basic knowledge of equations and algebra which you would have learned in middle school/early high school. Some knowledge of calculus and vectors will give you an advantage and maybe make some concepts easier to understand but you'll learn that in SL maths anyway. As for philosophy, it depends on which university you want to go to and which course. I've never heard of philosophy being considered a religious subject it's always been seen as humanities w
  2. For the first part of the oral you will be describing an image. Be sure to know positions such as above, behind, in front etc. Also learn lots of adjectives and vocabulary for everyday objects, places and people. Try to say as much as you can even if you think it sounds basic like 'the man is wearing a red hat' because saying basic things will earn you more points than being silent. Hopefully you're teacher has shown you some examples if not the sorts of images I got were of a restaurant, a farm, a football match, a house so that's what I mean by 'everyday objects'. The second part of the oral
  3. The course is designed so that you need not have taken any prior physics classes. I did HL physics with out having done a physics class before and managed to get a 7. If you are somewhat reasonable with maths and science you will be fine. However it is important that you are interested in the subject otherwise HL physics will be a big drag so maybe have a read of some introductory physics textbooks or just books in general to see if the subject actually interests you
  4. You could analyse the effects of different initial conditions on the rate of cooling. For example which initial conditions lead to an equilibrium solution (ie. dy/dx=0). The laws of physics say that every initial solution should lead to an equilibrium solution so you could prove this mathematically.
  5. Good to hear I hope you get your first preference.
  6. Ah okay, maybe try contacting UAC or if there is a person in charge of careers and university applications at your school you could contact.
  7. This page http://www.uac.edu.au/undergraduate/ says it costs $173 for 2014 year 12s until midnight tonight. The cost is usually more after a certain date. I know for Victoria after the end of August/early September the cost increases, it could be similar for NSW and ACT. Hope everything works out for you!
  8. I loved William Blake poetry which I did for the oral commentary, and I found Death of a Salesman really powerful.
  9. Maybe you could say 'regarding the treatment of people with disabilities' or 'the attitude towards people with disabilities'. I think you should be more specific in regards to what you mean by 'disabilities.' For example, do you mean people with disabilities, other peoples' view of people with disabilities, the actual medical conditions themselves etc.
  10. You ideally want a topic that does not have a certain answer so that you can explore multiple points of view. Analysing different perspectives is what gets you good marks in history rather than just analysing an event. Maybe look at an event in Canadian history such as Canada's involvement in WW2. Your little flag says you're from Canada and the IB tends to look positively upon EEs about the candidates local area and on topics that are not overdone.
  11. Oh good it worked. Thank you for completing it. Also good luck with your exams!
  12. Firstly, DELETE YOUR PART A FROM YOUR POST ASAP! It will get picked up by the IB plagiarism checkers and you could get in a lot of trouble. Secondly, maybe reword you question keeping in mind that women are not a 'minority' group. You could just erase the word minority and write 'select groups' and I think it would still make sense. Also i don't think 'social cleansing' is an accurate phrase either. Hitler didn't kill women because they were women, but he did try to restore traditional gender roles. You could say 'social changes' or 'social policies' pertaining to restrictions upon civil lib
  13. I disagree with the above responses. I did a similar style of question and got 7 from my teacher that got moderated to a 6. I chose a question like that because I found many examples on the internet that received 7s that had questions that were comparing a 'fictional' portrayal of something with the actual thing. However, you really need to narrow your topic. For example, focus on just one aspect of Alexander the Great such as one battle or how he was as a leader etc. Write your analysis just like you're writing a paper 2 or 3 essay i.e. a normal history essay with introduction, body paragr
  14. oh damn. Sorry! Thanks for letting me know, I will check it out. Update: I've put a more direct link in. I tested it and it worked for me, hopefully it works for everyone
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