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  1. Do concepts like inductive and deductive logic need to be referenced in the TOK essay?
  2. GRANTED, but you fail CAS, I wish I could finish 'The Importance of Being Ernest' for English
  3. It's for the TZ2, you're in TZ1 so to make sure you are 1% off you need to check yours okay. thanks for that, does anyone have the TZ1 grade boundaries?
  4. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 1% off a 6 in Arabic Ab Initio! I received 72% overall. Rest of my exams in November. Thanks for this
  5. Hello all, TITLE 6 - "The methods used to produce knowledge depend on the use to which it will be put." Discuss the statement in relation to two Areas of Knowledge. From this question, what came to mind was 'bias', the idea that a certain conclusion is made before investigation and this conclusion is worked towards. I think so far the areas of knowledge I will be working within are history and human sciences. Does anyone have any other ideas? Is anyone doing this essay title? Thanks Abdo
  6. When do the TOK essay titles for the NOV 2013 students come out? i dont know if this has already been asked, cant be bothered checking... thanks
  7. the place where i want to volunteer needs me to list 2 referees who are not related to me who can i put? i already put my IB coordinator at school down... thanks everyone
  8. 7's in every subject trip to Japan a good meal (im hungry) season 8 how i met your mother (taking tooo long) get well (im sick) become a dentist (or chemical engineer) go to the movies on monday if i get better... making up seven was hard
  9. ITGS is very hard trying to keep your head during the class is soo hard such a boring subject overall not an extremely hard subject but requires a lot of work for the project which we are currently working on and also you need to be a person is is up-to-date with new IT issues and stuff on the news about IT which i am not last year 2 students from my school got a seven in ITGS, but take into consideration they were very good students and our ITGS teacher is the best... the only reason i try to listen in ITGS i have no idea about Economics...
  10. my dad asked me today: "how many units of maths are you studying" (units is basically equivalent to SL/HL) im doing Maths Studies and he then says: "i want you to do 4 units of maths (equivalent to Maths HL more or less), it ranks you much higher than 2 units (Maths Studies/SL) and its so easy, i done it when i was in year 11 and 12..." um okay awkwardly walk away he still doesn't get that i do IB and your not ranked to the extent of HSC which i love
  11. hey everyone in NSW in Australia, everyone does HSC, the IB is offered at a few private schools and even at those private schools, few do the IB. whenever someone asks me about my subjects, etc i now just answer with: "Maths, English, Arabic, IT, Biology and Chemistry" i dont bother with "IB" anymore. p.s. my dad still doesnt know i do IB or what IB is, he was asking me about my subjects today... 1 year into IB does anyone else have the problem of everyone around you not knowing what the IB is? thanks
  12. if you want new books try the book depository cheap and comes within ten days(to australia from uk) good luck
  13. i love math studies i do find it challenging maybe im dumb... i dont care
  14. 8 subjects wow, honestly,... respect but 8 is to many subjects i think switching to Geography SL would be good, less workload why do you need 4 languages? anyway good luck
  15. hi i am currently doing English A1: Literature HL its not easy but not extremely difficult either so far we have studied 5 of our texts, done our IOP, practised many commentaries (PAPER 1) and practised an oral commentary once. im loving it so much (i think mainly because of our teacher) i am not an English person and i love it if you are fluent in english and enjoy it, i highly recommend English HL good luck need anything pm me
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