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  1. hahaha yeah.... the EE, i had to start over S: well, the only thing that i included was a brief description, the colors of the clothing and the type of material to use, like if you were gonna give it to some taylor to make it... and my teacher said that was enough, though if you want to include more things its fine he showed my group a great work of an old student and she included some pieces of the clothing she would had used.. the teacher said it was an extra and that it may help for the grade and stuff...
  2. well... in my school its really boring most of the time, but its because of the teacher, he talks and talks and talks about the history in theatre and stuff... no one pays attention BUT we prepare some sketches (we made like... 5 by the 2 years) and one formal play with audience that paid to go watch and stuff, and that was fun... so, it really depends on the teacher, if he/she thinks the history is important or not
  3. I think that you should change of topic.. African theatre is really hard exactly because of lack of information new or unpopular types of theatre are complicated for IB stuff because you will not have enough references :/ as I can see, this thread has already 113 views and no answers... that may be because no one knows how to help you... so, why dont you look for another topic? good luck
  4. some friends have already uploaded their art work to deviant art, i dont think there would be a problem... and if they acuse you of plagiarism you can easily demostrate that it is your work besides, in the description you can write your name and that its for IB
  5. hey some friends presented that play, in a sketch-way (not a formal play) I will ask if someone recorded it... i hope it doesnt matter to you that they talk in spanish.... x)
  6. what do you mean by actual construction of the costume? (sorry, english is not my native language) if you mean that its necessary to make the costume then: no, you dont have to... you just need to make the drafts (including colors and the fabric/material)
  7. OMFG!!! that was my first idea for my EE!!!! exactly that!! (the one of AC) tho' i couldnt do it because I dont have the history class.... and the IB coordinator of my high school (hope thats the correct way to say it) doesnt let us do the EE of a class we dont have... lucky you if it turns out good
  8. I want to be a Game Designer! in Japan or Canada, or maybe both x)
  9. yeah, in the very first page there are interesting links... dont know why i didnt thought of that before ._. and yes, spanish is my native language so i will need to translate it but it will be worth it x)
  10. i have searched on google but found nothing useful... tho i googled on spanish, maybe on english i will find something i know i know about the time, i dont need another person to tell me that... suffering the consequences already... just looking for help btw thanks for the link
  11. hey im going to Nagaoka University of Technology for exchange... you see, I will enter UDEM here in Mexico, for 2 years and then by the exchange program finish there (other 2 years) with double title: a degree here (which i dont care about) and engineering there (the one i want)... the thing is, i dont know how good Nagaoka's university is... if anyone has any information about it that can share with me I would be very grateful (:
  12. Hi, im (hopefully) graduating on May 2012 but I have nothing for the EE! Well, I have some ideas of what could be my topic in Business and Management; talk about some motivation theories and compare them by how they work on international companies, the ones I am familiar with are: (im not going to write the name of the theory because it may be different in english than spanish, but I think the name is enough right?) Maslow's Taylor's Douglas McGregor's Herzberg's McClelland's Lawler's and Porter's Stacy Adam's And the ones I think would be the best to work with: Maslow's and Douglas McGregor'
  13. You can take a look at the Economics EE people have posted on IBS: http://www.ibsurviva...ess-management/ but i have to be VIP to download them.... can someone please send to me some of them?? i have nothing! and its for this month!!! i dont know what to do because i cant think of a good topic DX
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