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  1. Thanks for the reassurance. Yeah, let's just say staying calm is not my forte! I also enjoyed Paper 1. And yes, you're right about Paper 2 - I'm much more confident for Paper 1 than 2, but I guess that is to be expected. I'm expecting Paper 3 to be easy, so hopefully that'll boost me up!
  2. Thank you. ;_____; /clings I'm still paranoid though! But I feel a little bit better now. (':
  3. So I had my chemistry SL IB test today... And I starting writing and answering the questions when we weren't supposed to. :/ When we were supposed to just "look over" the test before writing in it, I started writing in it and the IB coordinator told me to stop when he saw me...what will happen to my IB mark?? Will I get a penalty? Am I not gonna get my certificate if I passed? Is this going on some permanent record?? I'm so worried. T___T If you're wondering why I started before we were supposed to, this is why: for this test you get extra paper and graph paper to write on if you need it. Ever
  4. Hard work all the way. (: It sucks when you put in tons of effort into something and you get the same grade as the genius, but I find that the sense of accomplishment of "I worked for this" is amazing. Also, I find genius' are generally lazy. I have a genius classmate who is trying to take the minimum amount of classes to get through high school - it's really risky, since she may only end up with 97 credits when in my school, you need 100 to graduate! Now, if you are a genius and hard working, that's just spiffy.
  5. The general statement should look like this: En( r) = (numerator gs)/(denominator gs) And both individual general statements should be in the format of a quadratic equation (y=ax^2 + bx + c). But remember instead of using "x" use "n" and "r"!
  6. Hm...either something in business or nursing. I think nursing would be very life-fulfilling, but needles terrify me!
  7. I'm an introvert and I love being surrounded by big groups of people (as long as they are all friendly!) But, indeed, being surrounded by people for a long amount of time sucks the energy out of me.
  8. Like others said, not impossible. But I know that some of my friends taking full IB who used to be extremely sociable are now always at home studying. But even so, it's all about not procrastinating and how efficient you are.
  9. Did absolutely nothing my first few days of break. (: Then I took notes for Option E Chemistry. Since now is 2012, I'm gonna have to work on the math project, option e chemistry and study for my normal finals every day until school starts on the 9th...I need better time management.
  10. it must work for the denominator too. you must've put the table wrongly. note that n doesn't always start from 1. and don't include the 1s on the sides. En( r ) basically refers to the rth fraction in the nth row. it's just the symbol. you know, like f(x) basically means function of x. get rid of varying numbers, get an expression (a formula, a general statement) in terms of n and r that works for ALL values of n and r. there are a lot of methods, the easiest one is graphical method where you just plot the sets of data and find best regression. of course there are other, more sophisticated
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