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  1. This is a complicated issue for me. Personally, I find abortion wrong. This is probably a result of my religious upbringing and being religious myself. I feel that if one chooses to have sex they must take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. If you don't study for a test and receive an F that is your fault. Same with having sex and becoming pregnant. Also, I feel that having abortion so readily available takes away the reluctance to have sex. Teens know that there is always a way out if they do by chance become pregnant. Despite my personal views I do not want the gov
  2. My teacher always stresses that our reflective statement must address how our contextual and cultural understanding of the book has deepened after the IO's. For example, we read a Doll's House which is largely centered around a woman's role in the household. In my reflective statement I talked about how my cultural understanding of the Victorian Era deepened because most women were stay at home moms and this developed my contextual understanding by fully realizing why Nora allows her husband to control her life.
  3. Okay, thanks! So it should be more specific? I originally went to my teacher and presented the topic "To what extent are emotions used in justifying laws", but my teacher told me it was too specific and I need to make it more general so its applicable to a variety of things. This is his second or third year teaching the course, so perhaps he does not fully understand what a good presentation is. Ahh I get so confused.
  4. I have only read A Doll's House, but here are some ways you could analyze the characters. Regarding self identity, you could explore Nora, Torvald, Krogstad, or Mrs. Linde. The story itself is representative of the structure of society in the Victorian Era. Nora is forced to wear a facade throughout most of her life in order to appease society. This facade consists of remaining a dutiful wife and allowing Torvald to orchestrate her actions. This absence of freedom leads to a lack of individuality and personal knowledge within Nora. Torvald is also unsure of his identity because he too is
  5. I have been struggling with the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course and I did not do very well on my first presentation because I did not have a clear knowledge issue. I ordered the TOK textbook (by Sue Bastian) and have been reading through it in order to get a better grasp of TOK. My teacher recently assigned a presentation and he urged us to find a Kowledge Issue (KI) based on a real life event. I was reading about the Supreme Court case on Obama's health care mandate and the court is trying to decide whether this mandate is constitutional or not. I noticed that the people who are defending
  6. The US Naval Academy has been my dream for ages...
  7. I agree with Sandwich above regarding HL math. My teacher has been putting old IB test questions, both HL and SL, on our quizzes and tests. Studying for these does help because you must know certain formulas and the general idea of the chapter, but for HL questions the thinking tends to be abstract and either you are able to think outside of the box or not. Memorizing every formula will not prove extremely helpful for those questions.
  8. Thank you so much! So I must add the 2.5 to the 9.2 to the devices uncertainty? Also, how many sig figs should I round to?
  9. I am assuming they are due to variations.There is a little less than a .00976 difference between the max and min. For the lab, I measured the voltage across a specific wire in a circuit while increasing the wire's temperature.
  10. My top choice for college is the naval academy. If I don't get in there I would still be extremely happy with either West Point or the Air Force Academy. Does anyone know what these schools think of IB? Is there anyone who has or is considering applying to these schools?
  11. This is the first year that my school has provided the IB program. We are the guinea pigs so its a little nerve-wracking because the teachers are not very experienced. Otherwise, its going relatively well. I attend a small boarding school so there is a lot of attention paid to each student, which is vital in IB. We began with 20 students in the IB program and now 12 remain. We are required to take English HL. Spanish is definitely a weak subject and most of the students are interested in english, math, and music. I am the only one taking Physics (The rest of my class are seniors who are
  12. I writing up the lab report for my IA and have encountered some confusion over the uncertainty business. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using the mean voltage on this graph for my data. Since it is an average, and there is a maximum and minimum. How do I calculate this mean's uncertainty? Also, how many significant figures should I use?
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