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  1. TZ2, Option E and G Paper 3 was really good, of course you never know what to expect with the graph questions but I usually think of them as 14 bonus points. The questions I did prepare for were there and I feel really confident with it except for one, niche concept? I spoke about fundamental and realized niche as well as the meaning of niche but I don't know if that's what they were looking for?
  2. TZ2 I enjoyed paper 1! I'm sure that it is decomposers because that is what saprotrophs and detrivores are? And yes only one of the strands were mutated to produce valine, that was a tricky one though. Paper 2 - I am slightly unsure of as I don't know whether I gave the correct key words that they were looking for. For Section B I chose question 6, I messed up the functions of the organelles for part A a little bit, but for differences between aerobic and anaerobic I did just fine, probably lost like one or two marks then we had the big 9 mark question on ventilation (and gas exchange) which
  3. Paper 2 needed to behave itself. Half the time I was stumped at a question, I'll try various ways of answering it then BAM! 10 minutes left. Not happy.
  4. I am having a difficult time to remember the animal and plant phyla at the moment, I just want to gather any cool techniques to remember them!
  5. I enjoyed paper 1 very much, there were some parts within the some questions where I thought were disrespectful and rude (I couldn't do it). Other than that I think it went really well. Until there was a paper 2...
  6. I enjoyed the papers. For paper 1, neurotransmittters - Dopamine and Acetylcholine, Cognitive principle - I used the mind can be studied scientifically and used Loftus and Palmer's lab experiment as the example, then for cultural dimensions (thank God for revision on the train to the exam) I did long term vs short term orientation with Chen et al as supporting study. Section B I chose research methods in BLOA using Case Studies and Lab experiments, luckily I started on the other question about emotion and memory but I started to write about the appraisal theory! (idiot) then I realised it was
  7. Hmm, I don't know. I'd be apprehensive to do 7 subjects if I were you. Film Studies is fully based on coursework and if you are doing film on your own it means a greater work load for yourself. Many of my classmates have swapped from SL to HL film because the work load is very similar with subtle differences. You will find yourself spending a lot of time perfecting your film, then writing a documentary by watching four film from different cultures THEN doing a 20 minute textual analysis on a prescribed film. I must say it is very time-consuming. Saying that, I don't know how you will be able t
  8. Wow that does sound really strong!! I also did the same question and the same texts (including An Inspector Calls) and my commentary focused on how the playwrights creates the contrasting characters contributions with use of dramatic devices to drive the plot forward so I looked at sound (in Streetcar we had the blue piano and its association with New Orleans and that being synonymous to Stanley therefore emphasising Blanche as an anachronism to the setting or in An Inspector Calls, the only use of sound is the harsh ring of the doorbell for the Inspector indicating his power in contrast to t
  9. Only like 2 or 3 of my class of 75 did that O_O. A lot of us had a hard time finding a lot of meaningful stuff to talk about so we just went with Soap Suds. What did you talk about, out of curiosity? I geared the main body of my argument towards the integration of immigrants into an unfamiliar culture - fortunately I'd read a small amount of Verghese before, so I knew this applied directly to the extract's context. More specifically, I discussed the tone of the extract mirroring the shift in emotions of the initial excitement at discovering a new society, before the nostalgic and regretful sen
  10. Only like 2 or 3 of my class of 75 did that O_O. A lot of us had a hard time finding a lot of meaningful stuff to talk about so we just went with Soap Suds. What did you talk about, out of curiosity? That's actually interesting because 100% of my HL class (there's only four of us) did the prose because we felt as though that was the easier option! I actually liked that extract but I don't know how I feel about the examiner reading my interpretation! I hope I did fine.
  11. This Tunnel prose is this for a different time zone because mine involved a character named Tsigie
  12. For Psychology, we've really been taught what to include for the questions, because the questions from the exam come straight out of the syllabus and we just have to remember it. If this is has come as a shock to you, I suggest in order to minimise what you have to learn is to think of theories and study that can relate to more than one question in the syllabus that way you will be able to kill two birds with one stone you know? Short Answer questions, yes you can provide one study/one theory given that it is in enough detail to get you the high band mark. For safety, you should include at le
  13. I have a post exactly like this and someone answered it perfectly there.
  14. There are 10 of us with contrasting personalities however we have blended with each other as the year developed. I felt the same way you did and it must feel weird with just one other person but if your looking for discussions with other IB students then welcome to IB Survival! This is your realm for discussion. Enjoy it and enjoy IB. Don't make the size of your cohort be a hindrance to your experience.
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