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    Notes on section 1 of the syllabus.
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    Notes on Section 2 of the syllabus
  3. try to understnad your material, and present it, dont memmorize, dont read do something in between and appear as you kno whwa tyou're tlaking about, cheers
  4. i got rid of my computer from my room and all my marks drasticaly improved i also take naps after swim practice for 20 mins, refreshes my memory and keeps me alert i also dont do homework, i only study
  5. Hey guys, So we were told to do our group 4 Projects and gather ideas.we also need approval signatures. now for those of you who dont know what G4 Project is, i will quickly explain... it is a project which can consist of 4-5 group members and combines physics, biology ,and chemistry. what is really bothering me is that we require approvement signatures. this is what i had in mind: Comparing Mcondald's and KFC's meals and their environmental friendlyness: i jolted down some notes regarding the chemistry behind the cola, the bacteria behind the food itself, and how one
  6. ye, i know about the bradley effect, im pretty sure they want a president who is a sheep, meaning a "follower" instead of a "leader"
  7. I just happened to turn on the tv, and surprisingly, Mccain is leading in majority of the states so far? What the ****? There must be some conspiracy behind this, possibly funding from his wife. what do you guys think?
  8. swim practice after school, then go clubbing, get wasted, sleep till 12 in the morning, then wake up and study
  9. democracy is considered to be the best, for a lack of a better economical system. in my opinion, it's useless. There is tons of exploitation, too much compeitition, and many other problems that i have no time for to list. It theoretically works, but in reality, its just a bunch of bul**** i'd go with free market capitalism
  10. lying questions morals we have poks here: bias: who decides wif its right or wrong limitation: we're limited to knowing what is right or wrong woks: religion, states that lying is wrong eg. 10 commandments, the qran, etc etc just go in detail and you'll be fine
  11. if my school offered it i'd definately go for psych. for one thing, it is more intersesting, and teaches you much more of what you need to know in life. history, i'd recommend if you plan to do law of some sort
  12. you can justify your logs using tables, without the need to convert to base 10, like they used to do before calculators were widespread
  13. whoa, all of your schedules are so confusing, ill scan mine later on tonight.
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