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  1. It should be on your subject breakdowns Got an A on my Philosophy EE on stem cell ethics (36/36 too!! ) Where is subject breakdowns on the candidate.ibo.org website? I don't know, I got them from my co-ordinator
  2. It should be on your subject breakdowns Got an A on my Philosophy EE on stem cell ethics (36/36 too!! )
  3. Wait...I tried to start a HL thread, why did my post get put in here??
  4. So, how did you find it? I did options E and H and I was really happy with the questions that came up They were basically all the bits that I'm best at - which was really nice! I'm hoping for a 7 in that paper (fingers crossed)
  5. I thought both paper 1 and 2 were alright Messed up on a question or two in multiple choice (realised in paper two, which was really annoying!) I was so happy that genetics came up on paper 2, I absolutely love it! Data analysis was ok on the whole I think. I did 5 and 6 in section B because I had written the 8 markers the day before as a practice! Hoping for a high 6 in paper 1 and hopefully a 7 in paper 2
  6. Just looked it up, and surprisingly, you're right, it says two hormones but only one or more examples of the effects of neurotransmission. Although in my study guide the learning outcome was two. Maybe they meant that the exam question can be either 'one' or 'more than one' but they could've made it clear.. Wonder if someone else taught only about one and will tell them, maybe they will look at this questions less strictly then.But I suppose even if you had only done one neurotransmitter, you could have talked about two different effects of it. Which is what one of my friends did
  7. Even though I'm english, I'ma put some japanese up こんにちは (konnichiwa) = hello おはようございます(ohayougozaimasu) = good morning お元気ですか (o genki desu ka) = how are you? こんばんわ (konbanwa) = evening
  8. I don't think the IB has a cap, if you think about it in some ways the more you do the better! I know most people at my college are planning to do at least 50 hours in each anyway (and likely more as we are carrying on the activities for the whole diploma)
  9. Hopefully some of this is helpful to you, or to anyone else. And before people say I haven't just paraphrased my textbook, its my own work. I don't know what you want to know on proteins but here are the four levels of structure as it helps with some of the DNA stuff: Primary - many amino acids condense to form a polypeptide chain - order of amino acids determines this structure - peptide bonds hold it together Secondary - hydrogen bonds can form between amino acids - if the primary structure is repeating this can lead to formation of an alpha helix
  10. Enzyme experiments are good for this and change enzyme concentration, hydrogen peroxide and catalase is a good one
  11. Wow this year my college basically turned around and said that now the IB isn't so fussed about you doing 150 hours, as long as you reflect on it and progress in that area ( which is so much fun in the write-ups!!)
  12. Generally I make rough notes in the lesson and then when I get home in the evening, I type them up into a slightly more coherent form! Or write them out again with colours and diagrams And then use textbooks etc to fill in any gaps in the topic. It's worked pretty well so far, but I think I'm going to use that idea of having a separate booklet for studies as I can never remember them!!!
  13. I think this is the new syllabus: http://www.ibsurviva...s&showfile=1134 Hope it helps
  14. I lost mine the other week and I am NOT happy!!! It had a load of work on and now I need to buy a new one
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