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  1. can't wait to know my Theatre results..i seriously am going to **** my pants
  2. im leaving my house right now to go to the exam! Good Luck everyone
  3. Haha i feel your pain..our ITGS teacher was so clueless, whenever we asked her a question , she'd look back at us a say 'hmmm, you tell me?' You must be happy! Our ITGS teacher sorry i mean "IGCSE ICT Teacher", was more like a philosophy teacher, he would start off with the question and then turn it into a life lesson. Literally i would call that class "Coping with life class". The worst thing is that we have the exam tomorrow, and guess what? We still didn't do anything on the case study! #CantComplain
  4. sorry another question, what are we suppose to do for criterion C?
  5. yo i have been solving the specimen paper that IB Smacher gave me, for Criterion A i put " Some patients might lack the knowledge of how o use the system" and then i explained , when i looked at the mark scheme it did have it, but is it correct? And thanks for the questions
  6. you are a life saver! Cheers to the frickeng weekend
  7. would you be so kind as to give me any source where i can find past papers (apart from xtreme papers and freeexampapers)? You doo Arabic HL and predicted a 6, that's BOLD, im predicted a that too, can i read your world lit? Thanks I know so BADASS
  8. Paper 1 was very easy actually, but im not sure about paper 2 and 3 :/ , also i cant find any past papers for the new syllabus . I answered ALL the questions on section A yesterday! How stupid?
  9. Unfortunately we didn't have an actual l ITGS teacher EVER, thanks to our school for doing that . What would the questions look like for the case study paper? Also what exactly do i have to know in order to get a 4 in ITGS (keeping in mind that i do HL) #IBScrewed, Thanks
  10. Hey MitchCampbell, can you please upload videos about electromagnetic waves (OptionG) for SL , thanks in advance i would really appreciate that
  11. I'm sl and it was very painful cutting down the words! I was at 2500 and the word limit is 2000! I had to saty up all night and eventually got it down to 2250 , I had to lie and say that it was 2200! The script and stuff like that could go in the appendix they don't count as word count good Luck
  12. I personally would rather think more artisticly not narrative , but anyway good luck! My only issue with non westren theatre is that its very hard to find sources and research! I suffered so badly when I was doing my RI , I did it on Peking Opera which was a very painful experience! And the thing with butoh its too not theatri we did it in class I didn't like it , I'm more of a classic theatre person
  13. Hello, i finished my EE already, my title was more technical not theoretical. My title was "To What Extent Does Lighting Communicate the Character to the Audience?" . My advice would be do something you like! This task can be very easy or very hard, if you do something you don't like it will be a very tough one! Be specific , my first question was too broad , however my teacher helped me narrowing it down! Good Luck and let me know if you need any help
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