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  1. Well, it depends on the particular war you have in mind of course, but I think you're set with pretty much any war you can think of. Why not first think of the war you want to investigate, and then weigh the various factors. You'll definitely have more than enough to focus on just one factor, but it depends on the war which particular factor that would be.
  2. Alright... so probably a limited war. In that case, I would stick to just one factor (ie. economic) and make an outline. If it seems like it's too broad a subject then just limit yourself to one particular event (like I did for the Manchurian Crisis), but overall it's a perfectly acceptable RQ.
  3. Can you tell us what war you had in mind? If you had one of the larger wars in mind, such as WWI or WWII, you'd probably have to be even more specific. For example, for my IA I did Manchuria as a cause of WWII and still had trouble fitting everything into the word count.
  4. Got moderated up from a C to an A. Quite happy with it, obviously.. I did it in English A1 and the week before it was being sent, I had to change my entire topic and write a new EE since my topic wasn't good enough. So the EE was written in 3 days with 0 research other than my awesome prior knowledge of Tolkien's writing.
  5. Woah, congrats! I was pretty disappointed with my grades, especially bio. :/ But I made my uni offer, so who cares!
  6. I'm the ultimate IB risk taker... Need 36 points to meet my offer, don't think I'm going to make them, but I don't have an insurance university either. July 6th is going to be horrible...
  7. I know quite a few lazy IB students, too... tbh, I did all my presentations and essays the night before, so I probably count as one. The only difference is that IB students must force themselves to work no matter how lazy they are because the "I'll study they can't simply say , "I'll study for exams a month before," but instead there are lots of other grade components. It's just that the IB is usually taken by students who are very ambitious and thus, they are understandably more driven and work harder than non-IBers since the IB has a reputation for being very demanding. What bugs me more tha
  8. Yeah, I understand that. But Nottingham was at first my insurance option, but then I realized I want to go there. So, now I probably won't even have an insurance option, so I'm thinking of just putting Durham for the chance that if I don't meet the requirements, but they still like me as a student, they might accept me. I know the chances are 0.000000000000000001%, but I figured if I have no insurance, I might as well do that?
  9. TOK exists so that students can master the art of saying nothing of substance, but making it sound cool. ... I actually enjoyed TOK. :/
  10. Does TOK count? I might be the only person to ever enjoy TOK As for actual subjects, it's a tie between HL History or HL English A1...
  11. As I said, I'm putting Nottingham as my firm offer (36 points and 6 in English), but I'm thinking of adding Durham (38 points, 776 at HL) as an insurance simply for the prospect of them accepting me despite my low scores? Does that eliminate the chance of Nottingham accepting me despite the lower score or no?
  12. Well, it really depends what you plan on studying... First of all, a 6 in Chemistry HL is ridiculously good, so congrats. And a 7 in Math HL is even better. But overall, you won't be limited in any subject other than those requiring Chemistry explicitly (so probably medicine and anything chemistry related...)
  13. Yeah, I didn't do well in including historiography, either... I did appeasment, Central Powers and comparing and contrasting Alexander II and Alexander III's domestic policies.. I thought the questions were more P2 questions than P3...
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