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  1. Check out Richard Thornley's videos on youtube if you haven't seen them - they saved my chem grade! Also, make sure to learn all the definitions well, those are easy points. Try to identify if there is a particular topic you're struggling with, and focus on that topic. And as always, do a lot of past papers!
  2. I'm not sure it's a requirement, but it would certainly improve your grade.
  3. Yes, it seems pretty easy, depending on whether that is HL or SL history. But you shouldn't have too much problems with it! Anyhow, if you're going for the full IB Diploma, you're missing out on a science subject - or does sports fall into that category? Also, then you'd need 6 subjects in total. If you're not aiming for the Diploma, your schedule is fine!
  4. I'm pretty sure the grade has to go up, not the percentage. So if you go from a 6 to a 7, you'll get reimbursed, but not if you increase from 56% to 58% with no change in the actual grade.
  5. 118 And we should definitely do VIP + staff versus ordinary members instead - they're getting there ass kicked here!
  6. Sounds good, all of it. I've only read Purple Hibiscus, but as long as you think there is something to compare in both novels, they should be fine. There's no rule against writing an EE on a book studied in class, although the analysis must be much deeper than what you would do on exams, for example.
  7. Well, yes, to receive a good grade it would have to be well done... Depending on the subject, that can mean different things, but it always includes having the right format and referencing correctly. Have you done your EE already, or are you planning to do so? Your teacher in that subject will know more than me about what makes a good EE! I've only ever done one in history
  8. Well then definitely convince your teacher!
  9. I'm sorry to hear that! How close to the boundary were you? You might want to remark the EE. Otherwise, you'll get certificates for all the subjects you passed.
  10. The coordinator should have given you a number. Supposedly you've met before, right? It's probably stated on your school's website as well! Hm, I don't know. If you have the break-down of scores (which you can access from the IBO's website), it tells you the percentage you got, as well as the lower boundaries and the upper boundaries.
  11. For the IB Diploma, the EE combined with TOK can give you a total of three extra points, so it's definitely important. (As a side note, the total grade is not the only thing they look at when deciding if you pass - if "they" are the IBO. There are a range of other things you have to do to, like not get an E for either TOK or EE etc. ) We were told to contact our IB coordinator ASAP if we wanted to remark, i.e. call yours immediately. Honestly not sure how it works if you only did some of your courses this year, but I'd still contact the coordinator. For remarking chemistry, I'm not sure.
  12. Only words that are underlined are absolutely necessary, otherwise it is OWTTE = or words to that effect. So yeah, since "the answer" and your answer mean the same thing, you should have the mark. Was this a class test?
  13. So, the bonus point/s you get depend on your score in both TOK and the Extended Essay, according to the following matrix: So, to get 3 points you would need A/A or A in TOK and B in EE or vice versa.
  14. Also, uni in Sweden is only free if you are a Swedish citizen.
  15. unis in england accept near misses so 2 points below good luck x Yeah you probably should email them asking if they will accept you. There are still certain chances they will if you only miss 2 pooints. You should call the uni instead of emailing - much more personal.
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