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  1. Unfortunately I don't have much time for revising.. Chemistry is on the same day! But, i guess Ill quickly go throuhg some verb tables and connectors etc. etc. --- other than that just hope for the best haha... I was writing here to seee if some genius had some extra tips... but doesnt seem like anyone do
  2. Whats up people! Spanish ab initio exam is tomorrow, so I was wondering if anyone had some awesome phrases that can be used in the paper 2! Just drop them in here for everyone to enjoy!
  3. @brofessional -- yeah, not taking Physics is one of my great regrets. Unfortunately I didn't have much scientific experience before I entered the Pre-Ib so I had no idea what to choose from (ended up taking Chem and Bio in Pre-Ib and just Chem in IB) @Costello: It may. Actually the english A course is the lang lit course so the course are not really similar. On the other hand I am a huge fan of language and I am very good at it --- this is why I'm dropping Chem now in order to focus on my three HLs to get straight 7s. (Then I might get a 7 in Chem SL etc.) @4fair. Yeah that is the question (:
  4. Hey Guys, For my CAS project I have created a street soccer tutorial channel. It would be really cool if some of you guys would support it and even share with your friends! Here are some links: Facebook: www.facebook.com/StreetTutorials Youtube: www.youtube.com/StreetTutorials (: Awesome, thx.
  5. Hi guys.. these are my subjects currently: Danish A HL English A HL Mathematics HL Chemistry HL Business & Management SL Spanish a/b initio I am currently really really considering dropping down in Chemistry because it is not as strong as my other HL subjects (get 7 in the others, get a 6 in Chemistry) and I don't feel as if I have full understanding of the subject and it annoys me! So I was wondering if it will greatly impact my university possibilities negatively if I drop it to standard. This means I will not have a HL science. I probably want to do something involving mathematics, so
  6. Remember that | z |^2=zz* This property is crucial - square both sides of your equation and then work it from there (:
  7. I ended up using this online LaTeX based equation editor: http://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php It makes it look so much nicer than the equation editor in Word (2003 that is.)
  8. E-books are brilliant. I have an iPad and I use the Kno app. I basically found pdf's of all my books and put them into Kno.. The only thing i bring to school is my iPad!
  9. Would you mind doing a quick check on what font the plug-in uses? I just can't seem to find a nice looking equation format!
  10. Hi, quick question. How have you guys set up your Microsoft Equation Editor in your word processor? - and are there any specific requirements? All academic maths articles seem to have equations with similar font and size. Even wikipedia. My equation editor is atm. very ugly - unfortunately. Any help will be appreciated Thx, and good luck with the IB!
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