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  1. I also doubt you would get a response... Are you sure that you need a primary source? Is this specific to an ITGS Extended Essay? I could be wrong, but I would assume that a simple stimuli is enough, e.g. an article, documentary, etc.
  2. I think an EE about the Google Car would be more suitable for ITGS. You could easily explore the social aspect of a self-driving car - people's attitudes towards the concept, the perceived safety, how realistic its widespread implementation really is, etc. I don't think I'm allowed to give you specific titles but that shouldn't be too hard. However, that isn't to say that you couldn't do the EE in Computer Science. It would just have to be much more technical, keeping the social aspect to a minimum. In this case, you could focus on the algorithms the car uses to stay on course, detect obstacle
  3. AHHAHAHA. I'm going to HKUST to pursue the same course and I also got the same score as you ! Look forward to meeting you in August Hahah awesome! See you there, then!
  4. Well, I applied to HKUST (Hong Kong university of Science and Technology), because it is highly ranked (Especially for Computer Science which I want to study) and requires 34 points, which is quite low compared to its high ranking. I only applied to one other university, which was Sabanci university in my home country, Turkey, which requires 30 points, so it was kind of a backup in case I didn't get 34 points. So I only applied to 2 universities. I got 38 points, so I'm going to Hong Kong.
  5. You had to realise that it was an alternating series and to some error analysis. I found that the sum of the first 4 terms would give me the sum correct to 3 sig. Didn't get the telescoping series... The last question with the upper, and lower bounds were actually really easy although it got stressed in the end. Grade boundaries are going to be high this year. 50/60 for a 7. I realized it was an alternating series, but I decided to complicate things by integrating it from 1 to infinity to find the sum, which was taking ages so I skipped it. Derp. Easy marks lost.
  6. micogo

    Personal Statements

    I'm quite sure that universities have set entry requirements, which don't vary depending on the quality of the personal statement. The personal statement simply has to be of a certain quality to meet one of the criteria for acceptance, which THEN leads to meeting the entry requirements.
  7. Hey guys, how did you find the Series and Differential Equations paper 3?! It was amazing in my opinion. The best out of all three math papers. There wasn't even one question where a convergence test was needed apart from the interval and radius of convergence one. The only one I definitely lost marks on was the one with the summation from 1 to infinity of (n^2 * x^n)/(2^n), when it said find the sum of the series given that x= -0.1. Did anyone manage that?
  8. I did the one about the guide for a Spanish-speaking city too. It was definitely the easiest one, when it comes to vocabulary (buildings, restaurants, beaches etc.).
  9. I got (not)R + R and (not)G and (not)B, and my teacher said it was right, but forget about it, I'm pretty sure they'll give those marks for free.
  10. Wow, I didn't think of that. Maybe that's why they made us draw the truth table with the different colour outcomes beforehand. I don't think that's the case though - and like you said, they should definitely cancel the marks for the sake of that type of boolean expression not being in the syllabus. Anyway, for that question I just simplified it using a Karnaugh map and left it there.
  11. Hey guys. Discussion about Paper 1! I think all the questions were pretty straightforward. I found it weird, though, that it was all theory, and no Java whatsoever! I'm guessing they kind of fused this exam with the new syllabus. I only found the boolean expression quite ridiculous. I don't know why they felt compelled to write it in such a way. I could figure out which symbols were AND, OR and NOT, but that way of expressing it definitely wasn't in the syllabus. My teacher told me that they shouldn't have written it like that, as well. I was also wondering what you guys responded with to the
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