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  1. O my Jesus, lots of posts... Teachers always make the IB exam worse then what they actually are remember that. What your teacher says is to prepare you so when you actually take the test it is easy. Its alot easier then what they say. Now considering this DO NOT STOP STUDYING. But good luck to everybody who is going for the Diploma We are all together in crossing our fingers around the world. Btw how did everybodies Psyche and English go?
  2. INSANITY!! Good luck How was your English?
  3. Lmao In a day!? lol Good luck on the English test tomorrow.
  4. Probability ans Statistics also I have mine in 3 days as well. Good luck.
  5. Great Just check your spelling and such as well as try to not impress us we know your amazing just prove that you have an argument. Stick to that argument and run with it. Answer the question so what. I with yyou man I have my IB English Paper 1 tomorrow So yeah good luck mate.
  6. Yeah its a no for that i got 120 hours in less then 3 weeks.
  7. Yes every day. Run ten miles, If you could do anything right now what would it be?
  8. LMAO! Yes i haven't slept in a week Next poster likes fish.
  9. Keep doing it, its not as hard as people say it is. Sure it causes stress, and loss of your hairline, but other then that you can survive
  10. Ice, Cas does suck. I hate it. Cas simply just adds another stress to already being full diploma. I love The diploma programme other then that small part. TOK though is the best class in The IB Diploma Programme, aside from IB Music.
  11. thisismypassword 00011001021010 canyoucrackthis****
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