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  1. How do you feel about DT this year? P1 was really difficult, so many questions with 2 or 3 possible answers. I have no idea what will get, it can be 3 or 7 if you ask me. The last set of questions about the can opener were so confusing that i did almost all of them by pure luck. P2 is always a mystery for me. Seriously, when i look at the markschemes it always turns out that the correct answer is extremely stupid and simple that i would never think of it.
  2. Mine was TZ2 and it drained me, especially that question with a tent. OMG i was calculating that angle for 20 min and I still don't think it was correct. Line of best fit I just did how it looks right, i didn't take care of specific points, and yeah i started the scatter from 0. And one question... How did you calculate that number of laps in the last question with running, when his time is shorter that hers?
  3. Did you do paper 1 TZ1 or TZ2? TZ2
  4. P1 was actually very easy for me, but i did practice a lot though. I really expect a 7, but we have to wait until 6th of July to see.. It is hard for me to remember any questions in particular so I would like if someone can remind me P2 was a lot harder though, but that is a topic for another forum...
  5. I guess that needed time passed since yesterday's paper 1, if it is not then start replying when it does. So what do you guys think about it? I think it wasnt difficult.
  6. P1 was for me just another P1, texts weren't difficult except that thing about Tanisha. God, I think that all students around the world discussed about that P2 I chose health, also hoped it is something like leaflet and it is, yayyy. Maybe I went a little bit over the limit. Just to ask, do we have to indicate the exact word count? I totally forgot to, I hope it is not a problem.
  7. I think that P1 was really bad, questions were so vague, especially when they asked what are difficulties in measuring unemployment. That is not something you can write a lot about. I chose Q 1 and 3 on P1 and 1 and 4 on P2. Dev. Economics was so easy, and P2 in general. And in reply to Mardissino: I generally evaluated how investment can be good to improve development and growth as long as appropriate technology and means were used. I didnt concentrate on USA and China in particular.
  8. Writing EE is not so much about the topic as it is about showing that you have done the research. I think your topic makes sense. You should start to investigate and write and see where that leads you. I find that the most important thing in writing EE is you interest. If you are equally interested in your topic throughout the process, your EE will definitely be good. However, talk with your supervisor to see how far can you go with this topic. It is not difficult to change your RQ along the process if your investigation goes in different direction
  9. These days I will begin working on my IA and I have 3 possible topics: 1. nr. of elective IB subjects in my school, nr of students, and probability that one of them will be chosen. This can also be done through statistics to see how frequently one suject is chosen. 2. height and relation to shoe size in women 3. different types of TV shows and nr. of commercials during one episode what do you think about them? which one is the best for investigation?
  10. in Bosnia and Herzegovina Cao - informal as Hi Dobar dan - good day, formal Dje si - very informal as what's up Halo - hello for telephone
  11. I am thinking about something else for 2 months but I just don't know what... I like fashion, architecture, interior design, English as language but I don't know how to connect any of these things to my EE and to look smart and that it has not been written about too many times
  12. The thing is, what we're trying to say, is that you really shouldn't write anything as important as an EE on something like Twilight. It's not even really literature. I know it's hard to take, but you really should try. Really I thought that opinions will be like this. I am aware that Twilight is not the best thing to go with but I needed some topic which is interesting to me. Also, it is obvious that Twilight doesn't have literary value but still there has to be something... Thanks
  13. uh I thought I wrote it... EE is from English, as my second language
  14. Hy guys, I started my IB DP this year and I had to choose topic for EE. Because I am big fan of the Twilight saga my teacher suggested to me one topic that I really like but I would really appreciate help with it. So my question is: "Is popularity of the Twilight saga induced by pretty actor in the movies or literary value?" I would find your opinions very useful, but please explain your answer. Just saying "actor" or "value" is not enough. I hope that I will get many answers
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