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  1. 5 in HL English, 5 in SL Math. Pretty lame but good enough for what I wanted; not to take English in uni!
  2. IB is pretty unpredictable with these things, hard to say. Pretty much everyone in my class found the TZ1 Paper 2 to be really brutal and difficult, so if everyone else thought the same thing, (haha just kidding). I just hope I got enough to get even a 5, that would make me happy.
  3. My school stopped offering Math HL a few years ago. The teacher couldn't stand teaching it and the students found it way too stressful. In the past, there were some really successful HL math students at my school, however, most of them were certificate and Math HL was basically the only IB subject they were taking. We still use the HL math textbooks in the IB math classes, but we only do the sections relevent to SL.
  4. I thought it was really hard as did everyone else in my class. I guess I'm doomed to a 2. How on earth do you do the binomial expansion question? And in question 10, when they asked to show that the distance is whatever that function was, how do you get that?
  5. Yup, you can interpret it any way you want as long as you support it and don't contradict yourself or say something that is clearly wrong (like if someone died in a passage and they really didn't). On the other hand, you do have to analyse the main parts of the passage and I think the drum was pretty important, but I also ignored it (oops). True, I suppose. However, I was always told that if you aren't 100% sure about something, just don't talk about it. You're better off not talking about it than making up some random BS that means nothing. But then, because it's an unseen passage, they may
  6. So, how open is IB to different interpretations of passages? I'm a TZ1 and I did the fever prose passage. I had a slightly different interpretation than the others who have posted here so far. I suppose what I'm asking is are there "right" and "wrong" interpretations of a passage, or do the IB examiners accept different interpretations as long as they are properly explained, developed, cited, etc? In my commentary, I talked about the power of natural forces (the passage personified these) and how they ultimately dominate. I also talked a lot about the narration and the narrator's spiritual vie
  7. Well, I wouldn't say I loved them, but I felt smart when I figured it out,
  8. I wouldn't worry about length as much as I would worry about quality. As long as you feel you have adequately analyzed the passage (paper 1) or answered the question (paper 2) the length issue should take care of itself. I think/hope the examiners might have some sympathy on you if perhaps don't go into as much depth as you could have, as you are under the pressure of only 2 hours. Ideally, to fully understand a passage, you'd need time away from it as well, which you do not get in an exam situation.
  9. I sure hope I understand the passage. I find with paper 1 you either get it or you don't and if you don't get it, you're screwed, especially with the poem. I find that if I don't understand a poem within about 5-10 minutes, I will never get it without prompting. My default for paper 1 is always prose unless the poem jumps out at me right away.
  10. Similar situations happened at my school too. But guess what, those people eventually dropped. According to your signature, your exams aren't until 2015. You are probably in pre-IB right now, which isn't even really IB yet. Your friends have plenty of time to get their act together or drop out if they can't take it. Many people at my school have dropped out of IB because they couldn't get through without getting extensive help from others. My guess is that will eventually happen to your friends. They'll either smarten up or drop out. For now, just be assertive as the others have said and don't
  11. Your exams aren't until 2013 so you have time. At my school, most of our IA's were done in the second year of IB anyway.
  12. I guarantee if you work in pen from now until exams, you'll be used to working in pen and it won't be an issue. Do all your practice exams/assignments/etc. in pen. I don't mind using pen in math now, because I've done math in pen for almost 2 months.
  13. I think I got 21/30 and 20/30 on my IOP and IOC respectively. That's probably my worst mark. On our mock papers I got 16/25 on the unseen commentary and 18/25 on the compartive essay.
  14. Honestly, I don't understand how one could keep up with 2 mathematics classes at a time. The workload would be insane! My school doesn't even offer HL math, so yeah.
  15. I think SL is the best balance between being able to understand the material and do well and being challenged/pushed.
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