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  1. Has anyone already started their EE or finished, or even just about to start? I am just about to start. We were already were supposed to have turned in our research question and need to turn in an outline in a few days.....but I still don't have a research question. Was anyone else stuck on what their research question was going to be. The thing is that I haven't even narrowed down my subject yet. I will be writing mine on computer science/technology. Is/has written theirs on this subject. I seriously need some ideas. Help anyone??
  2. We have to create a board game that requires inductive or deductive logic. The game must be challenging, yet enticing, while considering the rules of logic. Here are the requirements for the game: Your game should be for 4 to 6 teenage players. It must have a detailed set of rules and/or instructions. It must have a game board and some sort of tokens. It must have an eye-catching, attractive box. You should pay particular attention to the subtle considerations of knowledge problems as they apply to the specific context(s) you have created as the foundation of the game. You must create some kin
  3. So, we're just getting introduced to the EE and getting started on choosing a subject and topic. I have sooo many different things I want to do it on but I can't choose: -french culture (but I don't want to write it in french...so I guess I could scratch that out) -sign language or deaf culture (just dont know where I can fit that at in the 6 subject groups) -something related to math -something related to chemistry -music -something related to ITGS and technology in general I am having difficulties. Did anyone else struggle on picking a topic that they really wanted to write their EE on?
  4. I don't drink soda. but i'll say coke XBox or PS3?
  5. Heyyy, Can anyone please go and take this survey for my Math Studies IA? I need wayyyy more people to take this because apparently all expected values for a chi-squared test must be more than 5. So I really need to get this done quick http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HDHY3JT
  6. Hello, So I really need help. I keep changing my IA topic. First it was how to curve a soccer ball, but I mostly find physics of that on the computer, (couldn't find anything related to a math studies topic). Then I changed it to sport and nationality but when I typed up a survey for that, I realized many people are mixed and many people play more than one sport. So now I thinking on music. Does anyone have any ideas on what in music I could do my Math Studies IA on. My mom gave me the idea of heart beats and music but does anyone have an other ideas on music and math? Or just any other IA top
  7. Hi, so I like reaalllyyyy need IA ideas too. I have a client and know what I was going to do. But I want to change it because it was going to be making a website for a club at my school but I really don't know what I would put on that website because the club hasn't been doing much. And my client is a really lazy teacher (he's my chem teacher and he's just sooo lazy and spends most of class on his phone)...(soo serious)........anyways, anyone have any good ideas???
  8. IB has changed me alot. -I haven't been watching TV as much -I haven't been getting on facebook everyday, more like once every one or two weeks now -I take notes in every class, (even my one non-IB class which is ROTC) -I am snacking more -I listen to music more because it relieves my stress -I haven't had time to work-out as much (and i love working out; i used to go to the gym like everyday)...i miss that -and there's sooo much more. -one last thing...and it's TOK,...we're reading this book called Sophie's World and it's super interesting. It's about philosophy and there's stuff about things
  9. Bilingualism is a good thing to me because my french teacher is always talking about how the IB examiners will love it when you talk about french culture and other things in France. So to me, what I'm basically hearing is that in IB we have to learn basically a whole different culture and the language behind it. Also, many people who are bilingual, trilingual, and even multilingual, can get very high paying jobs. I don't really think that if you use the language that you learn more than your native language, that you start to forget your native language; just constantly speak both once you bec
  10. Twilight is not really great literature. Its more of just a great story.
  11. Just read The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende for English. That was a good book. Currently reading Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder for TOK. I thought it would be boring because it's about philosophy, but it's turning out to be really good and I'm becoming really interested in the topics discussed in the book.
  12. Soooo, just wanted to know, Has anyone ever thought they lost their USB drive and freaked out. I just wanted to know because a few weeks ago, I was in the library at school and the bell rang. I printed out the things I had to print out before I went to class. I ejected my USB and stuck it in my bookbag (appartently I forgot I did this.....) because when I went to the computer to pick up the things I had and went back to the computer to get my things, I checked my bookbag in the pocket I usually put my USB in and...IT WASNT THERE!!! I was about to like scream and I nearly freaked out! All my wo
  13. I would probably break down and cry (and probably scream). and no, I don't think people would know that it was globally.
  14. I have tried sooo much not to procrastinate, but it's just not working out :/ errgghhh. I want that to be my new years resolution lol (I'm sooo serious) But I really actually find myself starting assignments that day they are given. I think it's just the assignments that seem boring, or the assignments in the classes I hate that I don't feel like doing. (like History of the Americas, and TOK)
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