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  1. So the gradient of the normal is -1/excosx ..? If this is correct, am I to then plug it into the equation "y-y1=m(x-x1)" as 'm'? However, how am I supposed to calculate with 'e' in the equation - is it being used as a costant or just an algebraic value? I am stuck on this past paper question, I will admit.
  2. Let f(x) = excosx. Find the gradient of the normal to the curve of 'f' at x=π. How would you go about answering this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Oh and just to clarify, I do refer to the French versions ("l'étranger" and "rhinocéros") because I do know that they are also used for English IB.
  4. ^^ Kim, what a good idea! If you would be willing to do something like that, there is a lot to write about. Hmm..perhaps discussing the way the characters convey the theme of will and responsibility, for example..or could even do two pieces and include "rhinocero"s which is quite similar in this sense. I noticed in the class, when reading them, that the characters in both really do provide this sense of realism in the novels which should be absent due to them being "absurdist" pieces (andalso with them having such exaggerated characteristics); but we still..somehow..pull out traits which matc
  5. At my very first school, in geography class there were a load of cartoons pasted up on the wall and one was called Mr.Tanzania...nothing super interesting but he had a moustache. ^^ Hot if you drink tea. (;
  6. I think natural science and religion are interesting together due to science using faith just as religion does. Evidentally, there are differences between them but they both have a basis to their supposed faith. Doubt, faith and knowledge all need to be discussed and this is a good way to go about it, using n.science.
  7. Hot for being from a country which has the same name as a cartoon character I used to love as a child (just wanted to mention this ^^)
  8. Second year of IB really drains your social life, I find!! After these upcoming christmas holidays, I am not so sure I will have another true holiday until summer. Oh well. Christmas time first ^^ x
  9. Kim Luffy said it perfectly (: Do what you would enjoy doing and that isn't necessarily the easiest option to begin with. Personally, perhaps because I have never done it but really wish I could have, I would do something in Psychology such as health/fitness. You could then include first hand research of the public that you carried out - would gain marks for an original method. Or, if sticking to the French theme...a certain book/movie, looking into the stereotypes of the French or even something like analysing the French existetialist writers such as Ionesco along history etc.... could be goo
  10. Using musical instruments may be quite good (: I understand that this isnt totally relevent, but for ours we investigated whether our visual sense (sight) can affect our gustatory sense (taste). We just made a load of black ice cream for the day and etc... It was really fun and were the favourite because of its interactability. I suppose the best advice I would give is to choose something which people can join in on; whether that is painting or playing a guitar. It seems you have a good idea of what to do if you were to choose either topic, so simply choose the one you think is better for thos
  11. Human biochemistry along with medicines and drugs - we did it because everyone but myself in the class wants to go off and do medicine or vetinary sciences. However, even though I was initially a little upset we didn't do the industrial choice, I must admit that is pretty useful and interesting. Not too long a topic and it's very understandable (plus the maths within is pretty straight forward). x
  12. My school has terrible CAS opportunities but luckily I am always having to do something with my cricket whether it is coaching, sitting courses or playing. Unfortunately, the thing that got me was the fact you can only put a max of 25 hours for each activity. :c This meant that even though I could do HUNDREDS of hours with it, I could only record '25'. I completed it and all last year with other activities and such but I also added driving lessons. I didn't know, initially, that you could add these - just in case you also didnt know. Good luck! You must simply keep on checking you ManageBac
  13. Thought I would add to this (: I was told, by an actual teacher when choosing the subject for the EE, that if you do it in physics it is "impossible to get an A". I chose physics and got an A. (: My only advice is to choose a subject that you are hoping to specialise in for uni or at the very least a subject that is related to what you want to do. If this is a sciencey subject, it helps to make sure you can do experimentation! Adds easy points for originality. Good luck!
  14. Hello there (: I wish I had found this thread earlier! I have obtained the general statement which provides me with correct answers but I just wanted to make sure : after having converted the general statement fraction with a non-zero factor of 2 (to rid of the fractions within a fraction) I obtained my final general statement which provides answers that are consistently 2 times great than the true literature value that is found within the actual pattern. Is it correct to assume that it is not needed to write "2En® = bladabladada" as simply being able to simplify the fraction to the correct a
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