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  1. And with my boyfriend's permission I'll share his results as well, since his results were just to good not to share Total: 44 Math HL - 7 Biology HL - 7 Chemistry HL - 6 English B HL - 7 Swedish a SL - 7 Psychology SL - 7 EE in biology - A TOK - B Do take note of the 4 HL subjects Congrats to everyone else!!
  2. Bilingual diploma awarded It seems I'll be a law student this fall ^^ Total: 35 Math HL - 4 (hoooooooly crap! I was so afraid of getting a 2) Economics HL - 6 English B HL - 7 Business and Management SL - 5 Biology SL - 5 Swedish A SL - 6 EE in economics - C TOK - A Even though I initially had higher goals, all I care about now is getting enough to get into uni So slightly bummed about my two 5's, but they were outweighed by the fact that I was smack on the 39 points which were the lower boundary for a 4 in math HL
  3. AAHHH I'm seriously panicking over here! I'm really scared I'll have failed math and therefore won't get into uni But as you said, there is 17 hours to go, let's not make any hasty assumptions.
  4. For me, and many in my class, the breakdown was very real. It's not always about being organized either, although having good time managing skills do help reduce the amount of breakdowns. For me, the source of probably 80% of my "breakdowns" were math HL... I can remember a couple of times just walking out of the classroom to go to the nearby bathroom and cry. Not that I hate math that much, I just felt that it was all hopeless and that I would never ever understand any of it, and hence fail in life. I had at least one panic attack that I can identify, and that was right after mocks. So ye
  5. Thank you! Yeah I can imagine many EE's are quite similar, but I just wanted to be sure. Wouldn't want to loose my diploma or anything if it can be avoided
  6. Hi there! I am just starting to think about the topic and research question for my EE and I think I have found a good one. The problem is that I read an old EE which researched wether the petroleum market in the student's area was in oligopoly, and it inspired my question. Also, the student went around daily and checked the prices of the retailers, which is one of the methods I'd have to use for my EE. However, we live in different countries, are researching different markets, would get totally different data and I feel like this person can't have been the first to have done this sort of EE. D
  7. 16/46 on my last Math HL test. I did cry, but at least most of the others in my class also did poorly. Only my bf got 39, not exactly helping me feel better about my restult.
  8. Math and Swedish.. Have to finish a book for wednesday which I haven't even started reading, and take notes while reading... Don't want to talk about Math, it's just not cooperating
  9. I've seen two people in this post from the same school as me, fun! ^^ St. Eskils Gymnasium, Sweden, graduating may 2014 (and terriby afraid )
  10. As I see it, the jokes are more targeted towards those who are in studies because they simply couldn't handle SL or HL beacuse they are not good enough at maths. Since you were an SL student to begin with I don't think you should be so affended by the jokes, since you know they don't apply to you. I myself would love to be in studies, it would be an easy seven for me, but since the university I want to go to demands HL, that's where I'll be
  11. My school only have quite boring B languages. I wish it had some more "special" or unusual languages, but what can you do? The school offers Swedish, English, German, Spanish and French, all in both HL and SL.
  12. I'm not doing what most of the people in my year-group are doing and taking the "devil's combination"(physics, chem and math HL). Instead my subjects are going to be: HL English B HL Economics HL Math SL Swedish A1 SL Business and Management SL Biology Hoping to score above 41 so I have some work to do
  13. The IB is way harder than the normal swedish education. Eventhough there resently was a reform involving two new grades to add to the previously three leveled grading scale and a stricter syllabus, there still are lots of differences in difficulty. For some concrete examples; in Sweden you can study maths from 1-5(some schools have some extra courses but I won't count those), each level being harder and harder. Math studies is like taking 1-3, SL is 1-5 and HL isn't even represented as it goes up to university level. Still it counts as 1-5 if you've taken HL ' The same (as far as I know) goes
  14. Marrehj


    You can study in Sweden with an IB diploma, I just mean that if you didn't plan to study abroad, you shouldn't choose IB About the money factor, there are certain countries in the EU which are free to study at the universities in, if you are a member of the EU yourself. I think Holland and Scottland are two examples.
  15. Marrehj


    Another swede in the house! You are (or at least should be) equally respected with an IB diploma, wherever you studied for it. Many IB students from Sweden go on to study in universities such as the Ivy League ones, which should show you that being from Sweden is no obsticle. The IB is hard, but it will teach you alot and open many doors, so I definetly think the work will be worth it. Just as Sammie said, you only study six subejcts (plus theory of knowledge) which you choose yourself and also on which level to study them. I chose the IB because there just wasn't anything else that I felt
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