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  1. Hi! I'm going to write my extended essay in English B and I've been thinking about a topic for several of days. At last, I'd came up with something but I don't know for certain if its valid. This is from ABC news; “Paola Hernandez, 15, said a boyfriend tried to pressure her to allow herself to be bitten. ‘He said, “I love you and that’s the way I want to show you,”’ she said. ‘I didn’t give in because it was kind of idiotic.’ She said some of her classmates, mimicking on-screen vampires, even cut their skin so they can taste one another’s blood. ‘That means you’re stuck with them, they have yo
  2. Hello! I have a hard time to come up with a topic. Any ideas? Appriciate it:)
  3. Hello! I'm planning to take english B as a subject for the EE, but I can't come up with any topics.' Suggestions please? Thank you
  4. Tsaren

    Redox problem

    Hi! Iron(ll) is oxidized to iron(lll) to manganate(Vll) in acidic solution. Below are the two balanced half-equations: MnO4- + 8H+ + 5e --> Mn2+ + 4H2O Fe2+ --> Fe3+ + e a) Write the total balanced equation for the reaction of Fe2+ with acidified MnO4-(this is a redox reaciton; balance the number of electrons exchanged b) 1.324g piece of wire containing Fe was reacted with a large excess of dilute H2SO4 producing a solution of Fe2+. The solution was made up to 250 cm3 and a 25cm3 portion was titrated against 0.0200mol/dm3 KMnO4, requiring 23.05 cm3. Calculate a percentage of iron in th
  5. Hello guys! Find the domain and range for each following functions: a) f(x)=2x-1 b) f(x) = 3 Can you find domain and range without sketching the graph? And how can you draw f(x)= 3 in a graph - how do we know where the y-intercept and the x-intercept are? Thank you - appreciate it a lot!
  6. Explain what a prosthetic groups and a conjugated protein is , please:)
  7. How did you get ±0,001 ?
  8. Hello fellows! I need some help with uncertainty. If the empty crucible weight 27,63g and the crucible with a compound weight 30,72g. What is the uncertainty for the both of them? How do I calculate it , please explain. Thanks for respond!
  9. Why does the volume and surface area decrease when the cell gets bigger? Shouldn't it increase? Thank you for respond!
  10. Hello! Why is it called transport medium, why not just transport? what is the medium? Thank you for respond!
  11. Hello , I was wondering what the difference between Antigen, pathogen and antibody are? /Thanks for respond
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