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  1. Should I include MLA documentation for an image I found on the interweb This is for my lab report.
  2. Hi, I conducted a typical titration lab where I reacted HCl with NaOH. I now want to find the Ka value for HCl. The molarity of the HCl was .1 mol dm-3 and its initial pH was 2.80. Using log, I converted 2.80 to H+ concentration. I know [H+] = [Cl-], yet somehow, I am getting a really low value for ka, which shouldn't be. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. What are the best font and sentence space for lab reports?
  4. Well, it's that time of year again. Gingerbread houses are being baked, houses are being decorated, but most IMPORTANTLY no IB for a while (sorry if I offended those who are going to miss IB over the holiday break(. But really, it's a time to enjoy and appreciate family. What's your favorite holiday movie (or movies)?
  5. I'm doing a DCP and CE lab report about the factors that affect the rate of reaction; I'm just having issues plotting. I know the volume produced after each interval, and I know the initial concentration. How am I supposed to calculate the concentration throughout the reaction?
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