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  1. Hey guys! i have my chinese written task in school, and how my teacher has formatted it is just really weird. she give us 3 articles and we have to write a written task on them also we have to write them in school under 4 hours. i'm just really confuse now, could anyone tell me what is expected of a Mandarin B written task or rather how it differs from English A1.2? Because there is no mandarian B textbook on this, i am just lost, all the info we get is just from the teacher and there isnt even guidance on this essay. as for english, we sort of have a course companion, which does help actually
  2. lol I agree with you though It's beneficial but not crucial. It's not the be all and end all of your application. A level students get into university all the time without things like the EE (well the EPQ in their case) It's beneficial but not the most important part of the application. A good score is OP you should still strive to do well in it. well but the point is a level ppl DONT have an ee, so not really a valid point
  3. to be honest, a psych EE is actually not that easy. because the IB is extremely critical in this, they picknick on how much you fall into different area and it often can breach to the zone of popular psychology. also you topic cannot be something controversial at all, cause for example a person in the grade above me wanted to write her EE on child abuse but after sending the forms in, she was informed she could not do it.. so i would chose a psych EE with caution.. but if you are really into the yeah you should go for it. as for math, i suggest if you are super into it, go for it! even though
  4. i know they are pretty vague. but it fine for now. i just really need a direction to be headed in so i can specify it more. so could you tell me which one would make a better EE topic.
  5. uhmm.. i think the tittle of the topic says it all... human rights????
  6. these are the 4 topics i have right now: it would be very much appreciated if you could help me choose one. TOPICS: 1. To what extent does the western bias affect the universal declaration of human rights in terms of cultural minorities? 2. To what extent is democracy the first step towards human rights? 3. To what extent does the Universal Declaration of human rights advocate for the cultural minorities? 4. To what extent is the censorship of Internet a violation of human rights?
  7. I disagree. in the personal statement it's a good thing to mention, because it helps you demonstrate your interests in the subject and in a specific topic around that subject. you can acknowledge how much you enjoyed doing your EE and this makes you more excited to study this further at uni. not only does it help you get into a uni, but it helps you find your likings and discover how good you are at that. for example if I were to do a physics EE i'd hate it so much which suggests i'm not gonna enjoy studying engineering at uni... you know what i'm trying to say. i get what you are trying to s
  8. ok. i am exactly like you my subject combo is mainly science but i have no idea what i am gonna do. and i'm interested in global issues this might help http://www.google.com.hk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=world+studies+EE+IB&source=web&cd=4&ved=0CE0QFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fnancycjenkins.pbworks.com%2Ff%2FWorld%2520Studies%2520Extended%2520Essay.pdf&ei=nbRIT78zxY6IB9q68ZMO&usg=AFQjCNE8FUqYB6pgfMBIHhTGaakyfciTeQ
  9. Thanks glorii, but what about MYP? Will I fail my MYP if IB catches me for plagiarizing? Thanks! just FYI, i strongly suggest you dont copy anything paraphrase it even it you cited it dont do that. what glorii is talking about is DP but to be honestly the MYP system is not super strict and also the school DOES NOT send all your papers out, they pick a couple from each subject so not everyone papers are moderated. and the moderation is for just checking whether school grades it correctly not about plagiarism. your won school is supposed to look for that in the first place.
  10. well i have to say this really depends on what they mean by copy if you blatently do it then yeah you will get call out. a kid from my school got expelled for it ( he did it reapeatedly) and another kid did it like 2 and he had to redo everything one week before the dateline. thats for IBMYP normally they are not as strict as the DP.
  11. My IB coordinator recently gave out the EE and he told us that our EE could be crucial to our college applications. so exactly how important is it, because i am doing something unrelated to what my subject combo is, beside i dont know what i want to do in the future. so how important is the EE in applcations
  12. Hi guys! so i planning on doing my extended essay on HUMAN RIGHTS. the topic is about Should The Internet Be Considered a Human Right? in this i also plan to cover, the right of freedom of speech and internet censorship (covering china in violation of human rights). i know at this point is a little vague, but i would like to hear you comments on your feeling towards my topic choice, like do you think it will work, is it interesting to you.. i ask this because, after talking some teachers, the general comments is that its an okay topic but then again its not special enough, some comments w
  13. Hello there, i haven't had my EE talk but i would like to know what is expected of a human rights EE, if you have done a HR EE if would be preferred if you could answer my qn.
  14. for the 1st topic i would say, it is falling very close to the border lines of pop psych, so maybe you could change it to suit english EE where talks about how batman a cultural phenomenon has affected young boys view on violence.. ( i dunno, i have had my ee talk, so i'm just spitballing ideas) 2nd topic: cool idea, how the meaning of things can get lost in translation ( i did that for my eng IA), anyways, you have to be extremely specific, cause it easy to go off point for this. GOODLUCK!
  15. hey thanks guys for your help!! i have another qn, in general would you day as your term progresses and you get more report cards, do your grades typically slide or go up, because i have heard many answers from the IBYR2 in my school.
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