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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for someone with expertise in regards to U.K universities who can help in regards to this topic. I'm currently an international student studying in Nottingham, about to finish the first year, undergoing a degree which is the length of three years and would really like for a variety of reasons to be able to take the modules of the final year over the course of the coming year, thus enabling me to finish my degree by the end of next year.. I understand some modules require perquisites, which is why I would sit the 100% exam modules during the summer ('retake) window and ta
  2. 1) Yes (you can also take them sooner in may if you want to) 2) No - you can choose to stick w/ you IA grades and just take the paper (or rather do both) 3) Not too sure about this one, highly likely 4) No 5) For the may ones, should be around 20 days from now. Not too sure about the november ones, check with your ordinate, but I can say probably at least 3 months from now (Even if you go past the deadline, you can still register but with a late fee)
  3. Quick question, I'm in the same timezone as you and I didn't see my marks yet on ibo.candidates.org, how did you find out your marks already?
  4. Can someone answer this inquiry please? I'm about to submit applications and the answer to his questions would be quite useful.
  5. Can you expand on this questions, was it mechanical relativity? Maybe you're referring to the 2nd question on section B?
  6. Depressing. Not necessarily the writing process, but because the specific topic of the history EE was a depressing one.
  7. @Harrison Fuller - I started freaking out as well when I saw your post, 'electric fields part', until I realised you were SL! @IBfreakingout! - Can you expand by what you mean by the last electricity part question, if you're referring to question 8, the last two questions were about thermodynamics.
  8. It's less about the med school itself (though many of the good med schools do require a bit of physics education) and more about the fact that there is a whole section on the MCAT that is all about physics. Putting med school aside completely, I also worry that just studying at one of the more prestigious universities before pursuing med school will be difficult when I may be competing with others who have done physics. For that matter, even my teachers and IB coordinators have suggested against taking all 3 sciences because they have seen many students who have dropped from something like a p
  9. Why would you need Physics for medical school? Please cite a university which lists it as a requirement.
  10. Not make my may examination equal to 14 examinations in 10 days... (from may 2nd to the 12th). Affected me performance wise.
  11. This is something of a mis-interpretation. Check whether there are requirements (because they take them seriously), not 'there are requirements everywhere'. It's a matter of research, all Universities advertise their entry criteria on their websites. There is an implication there however that there is a chance a university somewhere might ask for certain subjects just to pursue business, which in itself is mind boggling, in my opinion, given the nature of the subject.
  12. It doesn't really matter what degree you get to be honest, you can always go into business if you want to. Baffled at the extremity of British requirements, never thought you would need certain subjects just to pursue business/economics? Wow.
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