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  1. I hope this link can help you all http://mytokessay.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/what-is-it-about-theories-in-the-human-sciences-and-natural-sciences-that-makes-them-convincing-2/
  2. Hawx

    Case Studies


    A few sample case studies with tips analyze them and to answer their questions.
  3. I loved "The Sentry" a poem written by Wilfred Owen. Got it for my Oral Commentary.
  4. My school has excellent activities for Action for example we have 1 camp each year. Each camp covers 40 hours of Action.
  5. 23 downloads

    Notes on Scalars and Vectors. Hope this might be of some help.
  6. I got a 28 in my term one report. It generally becomes hard as you give your term 2 exams since the syllabus for each subject will be more. And to get high grades it also depends on which subjects you have. It will be hard if you have physics and math in HL level.
  7. Our school requires just 50 hours of each
  8. It made my life Hell!!!!!!. I have no time left for other things except doing my IA's and EE,TOK etc.
  9. Hey Im an Indian so according to me the other causes could be 1. The relentless opposition by freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi. ( Satyagraha) 2. The Royal Indian Navy mutiny 3. Continuous revolts by people.
  10. Its my second year and my school is so inclined in improving the results of students that we have school also on 3 Saturdays a month.
  11. I live in India. The educational system there has 2 main boards CBSE and ICSE. If compared to IB both the boards are hell lot easier. There are no internals. I find IB the toughest international board in the country.
  12. 174 downloads

    Factors affecting light absorbed by transition metal. Sample produced by the IBO as chemistry teacher support material.
  13. Hawx

    HL portfolio help


    Suggestions for Math HL portfolio
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