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  1. I got an A on my History EE. I don't know my exact points yet, but I'm extremely happy.
  2. I think I had TZ0? Anyway, I thought it was easier than I expected. (Our teacher gave us HL papers as practice so that probably helped.) The passage topics weren't too out there, which was nice.
  3. I'd never been more happy to know the behavior of naked mole rats and Belding's ground squirrels.
  4. I did the one about making a guide for a Spanish-speaking city. Question 4.
  5. I found Paper 2 to be extremely easy, and I thought Paper 1 was harder than previous exams I've looked over. I did #6 and #7 in Section B: blood clots and evolution. I found both question's 6 point questions to be a little difficult.
  6. I did Evolution and Neurobiology and found them both to be pretty easy. The cladograms made me mad though, I literally skipped that section the night before, thinking "Pfft, they won't have cladograms on the test!" Oops.
  7. Spanish SL. I've had bad teachers in my previous Spanish courses, so this level is really difficult. :/
  8. TZ1 here. I didn't think Paper 3 was horrible, but it wasn't easy either. I can't remember the question numbers, but I wrote about The effect of WWII on women and minorities, the Progressive Era, and the differing opinions about the Treaty of Versailles.
  9. In TZ1, #9 was about morals/lessons conveyed in a story. I chose #7, the one about narrative disruption. I was so glad to see that prompt, as a practice one I had written before was on time shifts which was pretty similar.
  10. TZ1. I did the question that talked about how a democratic state handled their economic crises, and also the question about the events that caused tension in the period between the world wars. I can't remember the questions exactly; my brain is a little fried from testing.
  11. There are around 30, 40 tops, senior students taking IB courses. Of those, only 4 are going for their Diploma (down from about 13 last year.) I know there's about 18-20 junior Diploma students right now which I assume will decrease, and I don't know how many Certificate students there are.
  12. I definitely think so. THG brings up a lot of interesting themes, and I don't think it will become "dated". Plus, when you consider the trilogy, which I found got better/more mature as it went along, there's potential there.
  13. Interesting. At my school you need the full 150 hours, however, it can be a little lopsided (ex. You could have 80 hours of C, 40 hours of A, and 30 hours of S.)
  14. I just make CAS fit my extracurricular activities, so it's not like I'm thinking, "Man, gotta go to CAS". It helps a lot.
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