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  1. I got a C on my EE. My question was a bit misleading I suppose, it dealt with economics during the Great Depression time in comparison to the 1980's recession period, however, I tried as much as possible to keep it on a historical basis. Whatever, at least I can say I am done with it! It was such a gruesome period of time working on it! C's are typical, I heard... especially in the history subject area. It's hard to get an A if your subject is history. Music/Art are easier subject areas to write an EE and get an A, in.
  2. I received 26 points. Diploma awarded. Anyone get 26 points too? I've got to admit, I was expecting more. Surprised I got a 4 on History HL. Expected a 6 in HL Art, 5 in HL English, etc. Sigh... I feel like a failure... now I'm not getting any college credit whatsoever. This is devastating.
  3. We have a total of 29 IB Juniors and 28 IB Seniors. We started out in ninth grade with about 65 Pre-IB students. I can't work in an IB Art class with 28 students!! IB RECOMMENDS NO MORE THAN 25, AND 11 IS A PERFECT NUMBER.
  4. I've heard of St. Paul's!!! My teacher's niece goes there... I head it's really beautiful and really smart. My eyes are a light brown. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
  5. HAHA 'AHIDDENNAME'"EE: To what extent does Facebook result in the failure of many IB students? TOK: Knowledge is generated through IBsurvival. Using no AOK's explain why TOK can be boring when nobody talks." That's clever! I am not currently listening to music, but If I was... it would definitely be on Pandora. What school do you go to?
  6. IB Model UN. What is your least favorite IB course?
  7. Haha I remember my ToK teacher asking us this in class (we did 'Would You Rather's' for the entire class period). I admire your reasoning, I agree with you. I'm afraid of not being good enough for anyone or anything for that matter. What's the most interesting thing you have ever done in HS?
  8. OK OK Math Studies wasn't hard regarding the concepts, but memorizing all those formulas was the hard part! Hence my getting a low score on my exam.
  9. Interesting. I use a Mac, but I am leaning towards PC's. Macs are really annoying. Haha what a random question, um, stripes? Would you rather be happy but poor, or miserable but rich?
  10. Hard to say. I like One Republic and Rascal Flatts. Mac or PC?
  11. Supposedly Math Studies SL is the easiest of the four IB offers, which is probably true. However, for me, I found Math Studies to be difficult thus ensuing in my getting a 3 on the exam. I know it's reaaaally low, I admit that, but I couldn't see myself getting higher than a 4 if I really tried and studied. Financial math is hard!
  12. The last thing I drank was a cup of water. Q: What's your favorite color? In reply to emyski: I also take AP this senior year (AP Psych and AP Statistics). So, aside from 5 IB courses, I take 2 AP's, and Orchestra. I regret taking AP's, I really needed easy classes so I can devote more time to IB to eventually obtain the Diploma. Silly me :/
  13. I'm wearing a black, long-sleeved, three-buttoned, v-neck shirt. And you're welcome. As for me I feel stupid everyday in IB, I don't feel like I'm cut out for it as much as my coordinator tells me that I am. I haven't really visited many states in the US, I usually travel outside the country. Ah, almost forgot--- I have to wake up at 9 am tomorrow to help with the IB Open House at my school, at least I get CAS hours/outcomes, haha.
  14. In reply to emyski: No I have not even begun my EE really. Why do you hate IB? It's a lot of work, but I think being with close friends for four years, getting to know each other's personalities, learning about the world in its entirety, with a sprinkle of ToK to top it off is amazing and totally worth it! I bet you're super smart though!!!! I reeeeally hope I get the Diploma
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