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  1. Any good ideas for a Higher Level Independent Project? I have a few that seem alright but they don't much "depth" as I would like to get from a Higher Level Project. Please let me know!
  2. I have just gotten my own Laptop after maybe like...I dunno, 7 years of begging? The benefits show great! I can actually use the computer in my own room and not worry about logging out of all of my accounts on the endless websites that I use and everything seems to have gotten easier. What are some of the benefits and disadvantages of having your own computer I wonder?
  3. It's a forum, a forum is a different type of social networking that has been around long before facebook and Myspace. This site wasn't, but the format this site uses has been. There are different levels of conversation that can go on. On the main menu you have all of the categories when you scroll down and within those categories you have boards. Click on the board that most interests you and once you do that, you will be able to view all of the topics that relate to each board. Click on the topic and simply send a response to the conversation at hand. OR if you are feeling really outgoing, tr
  4. The nuculear(I forget how to spell this.) missleheads are now a days more like a defense against other countries than really using them as a threat. A few hundered or thousand of them in the USA are left in 15minute alert at all times for the decision of one man in the united States to press a button for them to launch. All the countries such as Russia, Cuba, etc. have their own as well and there are enough to blow up the world about three times. I'm not sure if this strays away from the topic you guys were on...but I'd like to believe that even if someone was as crazy as the leaders of the wo
  5. Banned for making me feel dumb with all your genius.
  6. Eh it's all about how you balance out your life. I personally am in Forensics Speech, the plays/musicals, choir, and teach Taekwondo on the side and still have time for to keep at least a B+ average. Just do your homework when it's assigned and take whatever class time you can to get it all done
  7. Banned for making me feel dirty reading that
  8. I hate writing these I count them on my fingers Is this one decent?
  9. This is in Chat and isn't counted loser
  10. People that just keep posting and posting and posting
  11. People that respond to stupid stuff
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