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  1. It's not a textbook problem or contest question. I was just developing this idea a bit and decided to throw it out for anyone else to see. I should specify something here. When I say a directed planar graph, I was thinking about a project onto a 2D surface from whatever dimension the original comes from. That aside, I do not know the dependencies of the coefficients of the vectors (do we really want to put them into a coordinate system? technically, vectors can exist without a fixed coordinate system). Of course, the direction of the perspective is important as well. There will be certain way
  2. I have this idea that is very interesting, but I don't have any time to pursue it at the moment. Enjoy racking your brain! Say I have a vector in 3-D space defined as r1 = a1i + b1j + c1k, where i,j and k are the standard basis in 3D vector space and a,b,c are continuous, differentiable functions with respect to some parameter t. (I'm trying to write R sub 1, a sub 1 etc...) So now let pr be the vector pr1 = pa1i + pb1j + pc1k such that each component of the vector has a probability p of appearing and a probability 1-p of having a value of 0. Now, imagine a set of vectors r1, r2 ...rn such th
  3. Relativity and Particle Physics. That one question on quark confinement didn't make much sense...but i guess everything else went well.
  4. A6? huh, the one I did only went up to A5. Did B2 and B4. Didn't sound too bad. B1 and B3 looked pretty scary though. Or parts thereof.
  5. http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/19813/calculating-gravity-when-taking-into-account-the-change-of-gravitational-force I thought about it for a while, and then I found this. Take a look at some of the stuff and their links to other works on the same topic. If it doesn't make sense, tell me. On another note, can anyone explain the Lie Group SU(3) and how that relates to Quantum Chromodynamics? If you could give a simple analogy, that would be great.
  6. I figured out how to analytically create an equation for a logistic function. That took a while.
  7. Why Python? It's rarely practical in the professional world. Have you ever heard of SAGEMATH? If not, go check it out. That alone is why I need to learn Python. I'm starting to learn C1999... and it's not that bad. Why are you taking such programming courses? Are you studying pure maths in the future? I don't take programming courses. SAGEMATH is pretty useful in terms of its functionality, and I have to learn Python to take full advantage of it.
  8. Banned because nutella is not sold in Vatican city.
  9. Granted, but it's unprofessional (so you didn't grant his wish...good game buddy) I wish.
  10. Thanks, although...you made it somewhat more complicated. Really, you gave me 3 identities to work with...I just wanted some really simple identity though...
  11. Not true. For example, UBC could care less about your SAT scores because they rank their applicants based on school grades only. Recently, they've added some holistic touches to the application, but still no space to add SAT scores. We Canadians like to think of ourselves as different from the Americans. In Canada, do as the Canadians do. whoa i was talking to my college counselor about this today. Anyway im a canadian citizen studying outside canada, and on my Mcgill application there was a space provided for SAT scores and i did mention them along with GPA and the IB predicted results. My c
  12. Never heard of this. When I applied for Columbia, my predicted grades hadn't even come out yet. They still accepted me (I wanted to show off my 43), with the condition that I "continue my high level of academic rigor and extracurricular activities". Still, you gotta aim high and really polish yourself so universities see your true value. Good luck in your exam, Komrade.
  13. Why Python? It's rarely practical in the professional world. Have you ever heard of SAGEMATH? If not, go check it out. That alone is why I need to learn Python.
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