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  1. To quote Leslie Nielsen from Airplane, "I just wanted to tell you, good luck. We're all counting on you."
  2. Hm, well I know about quote blocking, but I'm just not sure if it applies to dialogue within a novel. I'll prolly just ask my EE advisor tomorrow.
  3. I have way too many, but I absolutely love the movie Airplane! The humor is the kind where you have to actually think about it to get it and it has a lot of plays on words. It's hilarious. Anything by Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli is awesome, I thought Insidious and 1408 were pretty scary, and there are so many more....
  4. No, it's not quite like that. It's more like, Suzie thinks this. Then "Blah blah blah" say Suzie, and then Johnny replies with "Blah blah blah blahhhh".
  5. So I'm writing my Extended Essay in the Group 1 area, and I am using MLA format. I want to integrate quotes from the particular texts I am using, but I'm not sure how to do this when the quotes contain dialogue. Do I use a double quotation mark followed by a single quotation so that the examiner knows that the sentence contains dialogue? Google searches haven't been particularly helpful, so I'm hoping you guys can help. :/
  6. Okay, so I am trying to finish my World Lit 2 for tomorrow's deadline, and I am freaking out. I'm trying to prove my thesis and stuff, but it's really difficult when I think everything I type sucks. So my main question is, if my World Lit 2 sucks, does that mean I am a disgrace to IB and I'll be doomed to get a 2 or 3 on my HL test?
  7. I'm only 4'11". ;_; But I usually say that I'm 5'0" just to make myself feel better.
  8. Holy Diver, you've been down too long in the midnight sea Oh, what's becoming of me?
  9. I want to be a nurse, maybe in trauma or family care. I want to work in a hospital and I also want to learn as many foreign languages as I can. I want to learn American Sign Language, Japanese, Russian, and continue my education in Spanish.
  10. Hi, I am in the middle of revising an I.A., and I was wondering if it's possible to be TOO anal about the I.A.? Like, do I need to go crazy with grammar and sig figs? Also, while on the topic of sig figs and uncertainties, if I have a number like 128.53 ± .01, should I have 3 sig figs, or should I go two places past the decimal?
  11. It's so ironic that I just found this today, because I totally had a breakdown the other day. I didn't finish one of my I.A.'s and I cried like, three times. Then I had to compose myself and talk to my teacher, who, thankfully let me turn it in a little later than normal. I felt so much better after I cried. I really didn't realize that I was holding in all of that stress until it exploded.
  12. Like so many others have said, music definitely helps. I myself like doing yoga to release my stress, because it just lets my mind wander. Commiserating with other fellow IB students can also help. If none of those things work, sometimes all you need is a good cry, especially if you are like me and you hold it all in until it explodes. True story. That happened to me just today and I felt better afterwards.
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