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  1. I don't know, my math teacher just thought the log one was one...I'm unsure though She didn't say which ones because apparently IB didn't specify either; she just said that there were mistakes on both papers.
  2. I talked to my math teacher yesterday and she informed me that she had received an email from IB regarding the SL math p1 and p2 exams. Apparently, there were mistakes on BOTH exams..........i.e. things we weren't able to do or were not answerable. I think one of those must have been the second part of the log question in P1 :\
  3. Not gonna lie....the whole "ice cream" thing was 100% what initially attracted me to the prose... What can I say, us IBs love our food LOL.
  4. I know Queen's has a really good Business program; I have a friend going into it IB-wise, she needed at least a 5 in Eng and Math.
  5. I did the Tunnel by William Gass (the prose piece). Poetry just isn't my thing. I talked a lot about family dynamics, and how the ice cream flavour chosen for each family member was allegorical for their position in the family/personality traits. I.e., the child chose rainbow because enjoyed randomness and indecisiveness (I also talked about the juxtaposition of deciding on indecisiveness)...the mother with chocolate as a "narcotic" indicated her distance or even withdrawal from the family, as well as her ability to be manipulated, even. The father was ambiguous because we never learn what he
  6. @TykeDragon - yes, I'm aware of the 24 hour window. *sigh*. Will definitely be wanting to talk about it afterwards though!! I did the same thing. My class was about a 50/50 split. Our WL's were written in Grade 11 and then edited for Grade 12 - so I know my mark pre-editing (hopefully I boosted it one or two marks). What would a level 6 be out of 25, do you suppose? 18-19? Ours were still marked out of 20 (predicted, anyways). Thanks for the mark band info Even after two years of IB, I still get confused with conversions and whatnot. Our English teacher, being slightly unorganized, didn't act
  7. So, out of the 100 marks, what would be required for a level 6, do you suppose? I was predicted a 6 on WL (it was 15/20 but that was before they changed the marking) and my oral marks converted to a 6 as well (22/30, I think??) and am hoping for a 6 overall. TykeDragon, if you are HL, I did the same prose Actually enjoyed it to some extent...which was strange, lol!!
  8. Heart of Darkness Midnight's Children Collector of Treasures As I Lay Dying ..........I should probably make it clear that I have half-read Collector and HOD. Did not actually crack open Midnight or AILD. Eep. Last year, we read Othello, The Wars, Fiela's Child, Chronicle of a Death Foretold (AWESOME book) and Death of a Salesman. I so wish I was writing about these books. Getting super anxious to talk about the P1!!!!!
  9. Instead of solving the denominators as diagonals, try for each row........that's how I found it
  10. Because I am an idiot, my HI is due Monday...and I have VERY little done....Grrr..procrastination at its finest . Thanks for all the info on here! It's definitely helping!
  11. You have a hell of a year there. I'm in Grade 11 (first year) of IB and my three HLs are also Chem, History, and English (which, by the way, are three of the hardest HLs...but at my school we don't get a choice)...and I've heard horrible things about HL math. Hahaha. As for psychology/bio, I think it really should depend what you want to do after high school. Which one would most benefit the career path you hope to take?
  12. Our class' theme is the effect of human impact on the environment, and we are specifically studying the impact that paved roads has had. I live in Northern Canada and there's a lot of beautiful conservation areas nearby, and we are conducting experiments there. Our groups subtopics are soil horizons, ground temperature, vegetation and plant life, and insect variety/population (the last one is me. hehe.)
  13. Moi je suis aussi à demain...bonne chance!
  14. Je ferai mon orale sur l'effet de Nicolas Sarkozy sur les politiques françaises! Et je suis aussi allée en France pendant un mois quelques années passées! Où es-tu venue?
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