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  1. I was told that the booklet counts as 1 no matter how many pages are in it??
  2. Well, I did both and quiet honestly, I think human biochemistry is MUCH easier to remember. Environmental chemistry has a lot of small details, and equations and reactions that needs to be memorized, while human biochemistry only has written informations that can be remembered with much more ease as it is mainly basic information. But that is just my honest opinion, though. I take physics too, btw, so I know what you mean
  3. Sairoo

    UCL Applicants

    I e-mailed them yesterday, and apparently they haven't recieved my predicted grades. I am kind of freaking out now, I hope this doesn't ruin my chances of getting in.
  4. Sairoo

    UCL Applicants

    Resurrecting an old thread here I applied in November, I think, and they asked for my predicted grades in January which my teacher gave straight away. I still haven't got my answer and I am worried because I was accepted to all my other universities by January. Is it possible that they are not answering because I am going to be rejected? I am battling between cancelling the application and answering the other universities, or just waiting for an answer. And while I'm on the subject. IF I am rejected by UCL, should I choose York or Edinburgh for Psychology BSc?
  5. Thank you for the answers, people! I think I found my rhythm again. I realized that I should stop studying and just rest for a little while when I have stupid thought like that My Psychology actually made me a study schedule which is very helpful ^^
  6. Yeah, I have mocks in the next two weeks and I am dying over here because I don't feel prepared at all... But I guess its a good preparation because the mocks will be done exactly like the actual exams. In my book thats a good way to learn simple things as to how much liquid I should drink before exam (so that I won't have to go to the bathroom in the middle), when I should wake up and how early I should show up at school and most importantly how much I can study during the exam period without being exhausted the next day etc..
  7. Lol, my very first password was "harrypotter" I then moved to Danielr. Now, I have passwords that consists of abbreviations of random sentences with punctuation between every letter (like I.a.v.w would be I am very weird).
  8. Lol those are models and celebs. Beautiful people will always look beautiful regardless of what they are wearing. Thanks anyway though. I'm somehow inspired to wear them back. You're welcome But you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So if you think you're beautiful, then who can tell you otherwise, no??
  9. Granted, but then they would fall on your head and you'd end up dead or something. I wish it was summer
  10. Glasses are cool, indeed!! Sure you need to find glasses that suits your face, but you also need to find your style. You need glasses that you can wear everyday with every outfit! You wrote earlier that you're asian, right? As far as I have seen, there are a lot a asian celebrities that rock those glasses like pros. (male: http://s1.favim.com/....com-220302.jpg and female: http://2.bp.blogspot...os/s1600/l1.jpg). I myself use glasses that look like these: http://4.bp.blogspot...31122009194.jpg ( I am a girl btw) But there are days when I just don't feel like wearing glasses. I mean, the fact t
  11. You know, glasses can be very trendy if you wear them right.
  12. Exams are coming up in less than two months, and I know for sure that my entire class is stressed about passing the exams! Now, most of the people in my class studies during the weekend. It has always been a given for me personally to finish off my homework during these two days. Ever since I started my senior year of IB I have been going to the library every Saturday. But my Psychology teacher, and also one person in my class, keeps saying that the weekend should be a time for relaxation. According to them, you should work really hard during the weekdays and then relax on Saturday and Sunday.
  13. Yes you would also use the independent groups t-test, you can use the link provided in the previous post . Oh, thank you But one more question! Do I have to do it manually (and put the calculations in the appendix), or can I just use the calculator on the net (with no calculations in the appendix)?
  14. I am doing my experiment on the serial position curve. There are two groups, where one group is presented with a list of 20 words faster than the other group. Would I be doing the multiple t-test, too? I am done with my report, just have this one part left.
  15. As long as you... 1. Explain your process of finding the GS for both. (so yes the graph method but also your observations on the triangle) Leading to ur ultimate GS 2. Justify your equation is correct (HINT: continue the triangle...somehow... ) 3. Cite the restrictions But to really know if you did EVERYTHING, go over the IB evaluation sheet for this assignement. (Your teacher should've given you that upon recieving the portfolio). And make sur you did the requirements for like everything I think you should be fine! (Speaking from personal experience) Hope that might help you a bit more! yes
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