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  1. Wooooooh...you speak them all fluently (without the dutch) ??????
  2. Just wondering how many languages you guys speak............fluently...............? I speak Arabic, English, and i took french but i am sooooo not fluent at it...I just get some words. I really want to learn Spanish ( i the accent ) Is it hard to learn as a third language??
  3. school days: sleep 10:30.....wake up 6:00 weekends: sleep 12:00...wake up 8:30-10:00
  4. I live in Bahrain (Shaikha Hessa Girls School) But I am Egyptian. Bahrain
  5. My favorite soccer (football) club Real Madrid Madridista = being a Madrid fan/lover
  6. Its nothing but a waste of time...its so silly and pointless and i have no clue why we are taking it. "To make us critical thinkers" as our teachers say.....c'mon!! Really we aren't gaining any knowledge...i think its just common sense and it's silly.
  7. I'll be 17 (graduate 17 ) Most of my classmates will be 18 and some 19
  8. IB Art...I couldn't cuz I had to take biology (for being a doctor)
  9. Heeeeeeeey who are you.....?? I am at Shaikha Hessa Girls school as Well =D , Bahrain
  10. Well we are all in Christmas holiday now and i wanted to do something for CAS....any ideas? I don't mind if its C-A- or S. Something fun ... Thanx
  11. OK. My first oral is on January and I am sort of struggling to find me a good topic. My oral can be on Antigone or The Great Gatsby. I asked my teacher about topics but she sort of confused me more. She said she wants something that wasn't done a lot before ... not an obvious topic. Do you have any good topic ideas on either Antigone or The Great Gatsby? Thanx
  12. I don't like sports much too but i learned how to snake board (it's very similar to skate boarding and it's really fun) ...... I always arrange some morning activities for the kids at school ( they relate to an event...i did for world peace day and breast cancer and for the UN day) They are just silly activities that the kids enjoy, and they can be counted as creativity as well. Examples: i gather many kids and do some contests with games and stuff. ..... Maybe do a beach cleanup ....
  13. We weren't informed about the 50:50:50. We were just told that we should complete 150 hours over the two years. I think 2 hours a week will be fine.
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