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  1. Yeah, there was a database error last Sunday, and since then there's been a couple of issues with the forum - the unreplied topic thing being one of them. Who runs the site by the way? Never really understood.
  2. Read that in my Chemistry book today. Seems like I have missed it. Also there is a section writing about Acids and bases can be distinguished using indicators: Indicator: litmus gives a pink colour in acid and blue colour in alkali (basic). Indicator: methyl orange gives a red colour in acid and yellow colour in alkali (basic). Indicator: Phenolphthalein is colourless in acid and pink in alkali (basic).
  3. Also Iodine reaction gives ---> dark purple colour.
  4. I loved that paper. (Option D&E) However I did not develop that good the question with the 6 points for Evolution (Option D).
  5. Whenever you have to sketch,draw something (graphs mainly) do it on the graphing paper since it is designed for that purpose. You will see how it is marked in dots for easier drawings.
  6. Really depends on the person. I know IB students who have 4 HL's and they are planning to drop one. I must tell you that Biology HL has a lot of material and a lot of things to understand. I suggest you, when you start your IB year just see how the classes are like and you will naturally feel if you should drop that 1 extra HL or not. P.S: Why struggle with an extra HL when IB does not demand it?
  7. I think your school should have them. Usually they purchase them from IBO. (Posting past papers online is basically against the rules, but many people do that.)
  8. Section B on paper 2 had awesome questions. I answered question #5 & #7.
  9. Depends on the country. Sweden I think is the only country, I know of, that wants all three sciences - Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  10. There are plenty here in Stockholm. + I don't think you are going to be able to do a November retake since, IB schools here in Sweden do their exams in the May zone.
  11. There are courses in English + there are some universities which are completely focused/based on English. Since you are in EU, Swedish universities will be free as well. I am not sure about Norway. I like both countries.
  12. Go for it! In my class, 2 of my friends applied to Oxford. One of them got to the interview part but his personal statement was not so strong and he will apply next year again but with a stronger statement. You should definitely try! Your grades are good so you shouldn't be worried about them. Both of my friends had predicted 42 and 43 overall points.
  13. Have you checked the Syllabus, maybe they have some suggestions. I do not take ESS so I can not really help you
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