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  1. I loved it! Thought it went smooth and well!
  2. I picked the second text that was a speech from a lecture by William Morris. At first, it threw me off guard because it struck me as difficult, but I re-read it thrice and I found out there was A LOT to say. All of my classmates in SL except for one picked the OK! magazine one. I think I wrote 5 pages. On Paper 2, I picked Q6, the one about strength and weakness, and claimed how it often is represented by the social status of characters (novels Things fall apart and God of small things). I think I wrote about 7 to 8 pages there. Overall, I am content with how English went.
  3. Haahhahhahaahh same here успех утре! :Д
  4. Quotes from both. Your second question is really broad, but essentially the major similarities lay in the fact that they are both post-colonial novels, that criticize both the effects of imperialism on their society but also their countries' own rigid social rules and structure.
  5. Yeah. I have and I am taking both for my exam.
  6. http://ibmaths.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/73875983/HL%20Formula%20Booklet%20%282014%29.pdf But integral of tanx is not there, sorry. My bad. ctrls, the integral you have given can be solved using a trig substitution, so I do not understand what you are implying.
  7. Are you sure you have been using a correct formula booklet? Because the one I have, which is for first examinations in 2014, it has the three integrals you have mentioned plus the tanx one.
  8. Two of my classmates applied with 44 and 42 respectively to LSE and got rejected because they didn't have a 7 predicted.
  9. Oh. I don't really know what you mean by getting theta, but if you have done a substitution with x = 2sin(theta), arcsin(x/2)= theta
  10. Google the Mathematics formula booklet. All the integrals provided are there.
  11. The IB program is free in Sweden, too.
  12. Changing balance of power after 1870 refers to German unification in 1871 which created a strong, Germanic unified state which disturbed the existing balance of power as this state went on to pursue its aggressive Weltpolitik and etc. European diplomacy, I suppose, refers to the created dozen alliances and soured relations. Where in Sweden are you?
  13. CAS project is where you combine at least two of the activities of CAS. That is you have service and creativity together, or action and service etc. Iny my school, it had to be a minimum of 10 hours and it was one of the requirements to pass alongside with doing CAS for 18 months and so on. If it is so in your school too, your teacher may not be willing to let you pass. Among the CAS projects I could think of were baking and donating the money to charity; organizing a fashion charity show that I was part of; I helped prepare a diplomatic reception at an embassy and so on. Good luck.
  14. I tried doing my Math IA on Fourier series and their application in music (frequencies, etc). However, you will not find any material whatsoever out there on the Internet. I even had to mail professors and they shared that opinion. I spent approximately 10 hours looking for anything more than simple calculations and explanations but to no vain. I suggest you change topic.
  15. We did it as our mock exam in Math HL, and according to my opinion, it is generally harder than the real IB exams because of its nature - it is a specimen paper that introduces the new syllabus. Thus, it includes in itself questions of all difficulty and variety because it will be a model exam for the following 7 years until the silly changes again. However, I do suggest you all go through it because it had quite a few things that are in the syllabus but that I hadn't generally seen before while doing past papers. And these include things like proving the nth derivative of a function using ma
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