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  1. Almost everyone I know in other programmes are more driven or ambitious than I am, some study more than people in my class. I think it's quite bad to generalize opinions about "IBs" and "non-IBS", as IBs already have a bad reputation in most Swedish schools. Elitist attitudes are not to our advantage in the quest towards social recognition and acceptance. That said, I have an anecdote for you. I had a plan to do IB with a friend of mine, she wanted to become a doctor, but instead she chose the natural science programme (NV) because she didn't like to study only 6 subjects. She's had the highes
  2. Iim the exact same spot as you, I actually had 3-2 in four subjects, and my best tip is, change your way of thinking! If you fail an assignment, an IA, recieve a low predicted or if you don't get a topic; ignore it! Don't ignore it in the way that you forget about it, but forget about "failing" it, see it as something new and re-learn it, from the internet or through your books. If your IA does not go well, you have more to go, and they're only around 20% of the grade anyway. (Plus, your teacher will probably just send the better ones.) And as people previously have stated; it is possible, fin
  3. Off topic maybe; but what school/town are you in? When I looked around at IB-schools in Sweden I never saw one with film Anyhow, Psychology, Math and Chemistry HL is probably the worst combination ever. Psychology is interesting, but there's a lot of work to it. Chemistry annd Math you find interesting, and there's about equal work in chemistry as psychology I think.. Math HL I hear is a killer, they didn't offer it to my year, but the PDPs will be able to take it, teachers laugh at their dreams of high grades there... Swedish A1 SL is awesomely easy, if you're somewhat interested at least. E
  4. Here in Sweden all group 3 subjects give you the same merits, so you could basically do Business & Management SL and study Psychology at the university, which is kind of weird if you ask me. Then again, I know a couple of people who are done with IB and are studying Psychology now, and they have had a big head start as they have already done research (to a certain extent at least) and they got to take a test which, when they passed, meant that they didn't have to any introductory course. So I'd say it's quite useful if you're going to study Psychology, but if you're not going to, it's quit
  5. Scarr & Weinberg (1976) - Black Children Adopted to White Parents is suitable, as is Bouchard et al.'s (1990) Minnesota Twin Studies, as you already have. When answering a short answer question you should do an introduction where you explain the key concepts; genetics etc. Presenting the research could be good as well, I think. ("Two studies concerning this are Scarr & Weinbergs blabla and Bouchard blablabla") Then you should briefley re-tell the studies, "Bouchard studied twins who had been separated at birth and looked for similarities", also if you find something that could have inf
  6. My teacher says we should know the names of the researches and the years of the studies.. And we're getting two studies per bullet in the syllabus.. But it's good I guess, there hasn't been a kid with a lower final grade than 4 in the last 5 years..
  7. Some kids in my class do, regularly, haha. Have this story of two kids at another IB school in Sweden who missed the bus for a class trip because they were getting high, and so they hitchhiked their way to the destination
  8. Älvkullegymnasiet, Karlstad, Sweden! Although I did my PDP-year at Tingvallagymnasiet, before they decided to move the IB programme (together with some other educations) to Älvkullen. Graduating in May '13! (Which means I'm half way there, woho!)
  9. To A) prove a teacher wrong, and B) prove a friend I lost correct. Basically.
  10. The kids in the year above me started out as 40-something, now they're 19.. My class started PDP with 30 kids, with two people joining that year and two people leaving + two moving + two gained = 28 would start the DP, I thought, but then we got four new kids all of a sudden and we were 32. Then people started dropping out, so now we're 24. In Math Studies we're six students, which is the smallest class.. Biology HL was supposed to be two students, but subject changes have switched the roles so now four students have Bio SL while 10 or so have it at HL. The largest subject is probably Math SL
  11. I can imagine Economics HL being really easy before the syllabus changed (which it conveniently enough did the year I started)... English B is an instant sevens if you know English, the teacher at my school told two friends of mine that they should have taken A1 since they could get sevens without even going to class in English B... I don't know if it's because of my awesome teacher, but Biology HL does feel like it is too simple to be an HL subject. I'm not taking it, but I usually tag along my friends to the HL lessons and it is quite easy... I read Swedish A1 SL and English A1 HL and they a
  12. Arabic could probably be useful in the future, although it's very hard to learn.. The same goes for Persian.. You could try Portuguese, this is just a prejudice, but couldn't it be kind of easy as you already speak Spanish and basic French?
  13. I wanted to take this subject, it's basically why I started the IB. But then, of course, 4 people chose the subject and since that was too few, a class was not started, and now I'm stuck with Psychology... It seemed really interesting, and from what I've read here, I'm missing out. Dammit...
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