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  1. Just curious: are there any near-miss applicants to Durham? How did it go in the end? Anyone got in or rather not? (I don't expect it at all, eh)
  2. I'm thinking of Durham as first and Reading as my second choice.
  3. I got rejected from UCL so I have to choose between Durham, Reading, and Cardiff. Any advice, anyone?
  4. Yes, this is what I meant by my mental shortcut. I'm not really interested in something general. But it is very good that you've made it clear, maybe some other people will find it useful. Thank you very much!
  5. Waiting drives me mad, really. I'm thinking of writing to them.
  6. That is a good point but there is that part of my mail on the delay at UCL stating "In order to better meet our UCAS obligations, which require that we consider all candidates up to the January 15th 2012 deadline, we have for this year, introduced a small delay into our admissions procedures." What I understood from that is their willingness to consider already applying up to 15th (and maybe before the new round of applications coming.) Do you find it possible?
  7. Thank you kindly. I guess we do. D'you think they could let us now before 15th?
  8. I got an offfer from Durham yesterday evening. I'm only waiting for an interview at Reading after which they want to establish the final version of my conditional and... Psychology at UCL? Anyone having any news? I'm getting kinda worried.
  9. I'm so jealous about every person who had Wilde! We didn't but our set of lectures is quite ok, too. Kundera, Grass, Marquez... But Polish stuff mainly (but I really recommend you Who was David Weiser?, it is a translation of the Polish writer, Pawel Huelle.)
  10. papillotant

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Eh, I really wish I was already sent some info from them.
  11. papillotant

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Hi there, I know it's probably getting panicky, but has Oxford got in touch with anyone? Or is it just me and Magdalen that there is still nothing while my friend was sent her invitation to Cambridge law on Friday? Thanks in advance for any info on that. Cynthia: you doing psychology?
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