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  1. Got that as both accurate and precise. Not too sure though. What did others get?
  2. I can easily finish 3 out of 3 questions in section B in paper 2. If I do this would the best of three be taken or how will I be marked??
  3. The book my Ellie Tragakes is quite detailed. It closely follows the new syllabus with the mathematics part for HL. It also involves supplementary material to improve your understanding.
  4. Well there have been changes in the IA part for the new syllabus. I wanted to ask if we are required to define terms or just use economic terminology. The criteria clearly states "Terminology relevant to the article is used appropriately throughout the commentary." However, in my school we have been asked to define the key terms. However, given the limited word count that is a little difficult. Also from this year do we only have to produce a portfolio of 3 commentries? Linking the new syllabus guide-http://uwcmaastricht-econ.wikispaces.com/file/view/Econ+guide+2013.pdf
  5. I had read somewhere that they will be released on 22nd september. However, I cannot find the link now
  6. I need help in sales forecasting for my ee. I havent done the chapter yet in school so would be glad if anyone could help. I have quaterly data available for the firm for the last 3 financial years. Could anyone tell me how to go about it? The paul hoang textbook dint have much.However I researched online so i understood a bit. So what I understood is you basically put the actual sales figure on excel and calculate the 3 quaterly moving average. Then you let excel plot a linear trend line . Is it correct till here ? After that I dont get the concept of cyclical or seasonal variation ? Whic
  7. Any suggestion on the survey that can be conducted? Also, I was looking for a location of a new clothing store, any idea how I can check the customer proximity ?
  8. I was looking at payback,arr and npv. Any other suggestions ? Anything related to sources of finance ? Havent covered the entire finance in IB1. Could probably do it on my own now.
  9. Yes I could analyse those factors? But I should be having more tools right ? I was thinking about porters five forces? Any other suggestions ?
  10. Okay so in my IA ... I am going to be doing a location decision for a firm . What all tools can i apply in addition to the investment appraisal tool, specifically what qualitative tools can be applied. Can this for a good IA ?
  11. Okay so i guess there is a little ambiguity on part A, whether the line segments need to be drawn to adjacent roots or all roots. Can someone please help me out ? In another school they have been told that its all the roots!
  12. arghhh not getting the link between the values and distance between roots for part A....someone please help
  13. even if you get the permission to do it on your own, which i doubt , i think it will be very difficult. Remember economics even at sl is a difficult course, think twice before you take a decision
  14. the new rule says that the article must be 1 year before you write the article, else you lose 1 of the 3 marks in the rubric
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