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  1. I did mine on the prose piece, The Tunnel. I talked about how the author disguised the themes of racism, freedom, discrimination and judgement through literary devices such as symbolism, amibguity, structure, dialogue/diction and characterization (and some more things that I randomly saw). I also concluded by stating what his bigger message through these literary devices might be.
  2. Hey guys. Are we limited to one knowledge issue, or can we have more?
  3. there is no process for my school. If you want to do it then you can do it.
  4. I'm the only one in my IB class who has 150+. I'm probably at 300+. The sad thing is I didn't join anything or do something extra. All of my hours are from things I already do.
  5. I go through this everyday of my life. It's rough, but sometimes having that friend who is always there can really help. If you need that friend message me and I'll give you my number.
  6. Wow, all of you are so smart. I'm so jelous. SL Math: 5(great considering I suck at math.) SL History: 5 (pretty good considering I didn't have any dates on my essays and no one ever gets 6s or 7s at my school.)
  7. I'm doing my EE in history. I know I want to do something on the use of psychological torture in military interrogations. I think I'm going to do "An investigation into the development of sensory deprivation as military torture and how it came to be." Imput?
  8. I was in a similar situation with my EE topic being too much into psychology and it wasn't practical for me to continue it. If you open your mind to other possibilities in a subject that you are interested in furthering your studies in (because I'll assume this will be the subject you are most passionate for), then you'll like that topic just as much. What is your subject choice? The first step is deciding your subject and then things will slowly fall into place I think I'll do it in hisory. There are two topics that interest me a little. Why did Dan White assassinate Harey Milk? Investigat
  9. So I was going to do my EE over a music therapy like topic, but that fits into psychology and we don't allow that at my school. I'm completely lost and don't know what to do. Any wisdom or advice?
  10. I read that we should compare two generes of music that are completely different. That's basically all I know.
  11. Hmmm, never thought of it like that. I didn't even know there had to be a ten year gap for something to be called history. You learn something new everyday =P
  12. For my school we have 150 hours total, 50 for each section. I don't know if we have a cap.... I hope not because I'm over in all of those catagories and my hours keep adding up, and I'm only half way through my junior year. =)
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