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  1. The pet one, and the student exchange... Was glad when the student exchange essay came up:)
  2. I don't think it is. Was going through the past papers for indo abinitio, and noticed that it is absent in some years. Assuming that some individuals didn't even study the subject, and IB didn't bother.
  3. I copied the last 5 five points haha, seems like everyone did that.
  4. Paper 1 was better than expected. Text A's questions were rather simple... However, the last text was so difficult. Couldn't even comprehend what the writing task was asking from us.
  5. paper 1 HL & SL Is the same, paper 2 is basically common sense, the HL aspect is pivotal in paper 3... have a look at the case studies/recent paper 3's, and deduce if you're capable (: btw, not sure if there is a difference because our school only offers HL
  6. Decent subject, i've heard that some ITGS teachers are rubbish. Our teacher was decent, just be attentive in class. IT doesn't require much studying. ITGS is not a prerequisite for anything!
  7. I only sat the exam a week ago lol , still a while for the results
  8. Haha:), by the way i was also surprised with the inclusion of the principles. I wrote some random stuff and then after the exam i went to check my notes, turns out it was correct....
  9. Overall, great paper! When I turned my paper over, I was so excited when I saw neurotransmitters, haha . Serotonin! kasamatsu and hirai (1999) with the monks.
  10. Paper 1 was really good. I thought the social learning theory was basically a gift.
  11. This may be horrible advice... Just had my ITGS exam last week and noticed studying for ITGS is not the easiest thing. Basically, i had more than 300 pages of notes and prior to the exams did not bother to read over them since it was so overwhelming. Felt unprepared for the exam and had no idea what to do. Throughout the progression of the exam, i noticed how studying for ITGS was useless!. The subject requires that you firstly have a background with regards to technology and most importantly common sense! I noticed how all my notes were a waste because for some reason they felt like they did
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