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  1. Hello IB psychologists, I have a question regarding answering specific LAQ's. My teacher has told me that I have to use 2 studies for LAQs and this seems pretty effective when answering questions such as "To what extent does genetics affect behavior" because one can quote the different results of the studies and make a good argument. However if I were asked to contrast two theories, how exactly would I use studies? I mean, I could just point out differences between the two theories, and that would answer the question effectively. In addition, some of my options have learning outcomes with the
  2. Hey guys, I have a bit of trouble with IB psychology here. I am writing this post because its not fully clear to me how to write a good LAQ/SAQ (Long answer/ short answer). I have never obtained a 7 in my class, and I do not know exactly why. Can you give me tips on the structure of LAQ/SAQ? Should I include a thesis statement (if so, can you give examples for quesitons with different command terms?) ? What approach should be taken in order to get a 7? Thankyou very much!
  3. The other day I was looking at a markscheme of a past paper and I noticed that nowhere in the markscheme does it say that answers should be in paragraph. In addition to that I also saw that it only made vague references as to what should be mentioned in the answers. So I went ahead and asked my teacher if in the tests I could answer the questions with bullet points (and explanations). He said no. In biology for example, my teacher told me to answer the questions with bullet points because it makes it easier for the examiner to see what he/she can give me marks on. So my question is, how do you
  4. Hey guys, I am in my second year of of english A1 HL and i think either my teacher sucks or i am stupid because i have not learned a single thing. The thing is i want to do well in the exam so i need you guys to collaborate with me a little and tell me about the structure, and the things that should be included in the components of the structure of the essay. Now Let me see: I know that there has to be an introduction and i know that it must have a thesis statement but my teacher talked about different things that i should include in the intro: For example she says that I need to look at the t
  5. I have a general question: Will i be penalised if i dont use technology too much? I ask this mainly because i can find the formulas arithmetically but most of my class is using technology. There are 3 points in the criteria awarded for use of technology, so if i only used it to plot the graphs , yet i show how i found the formulas through mathematical induction, can i still get a good mark? Thanks!
  6. Kinder garten, even though its not my first language...
  7. Yea, it depends on what your socres are and how much the uni requires.
  8. Desy Glau, the thing is, mine will give you only the first n values of a sequence (half), then you just write the other half (because it finds all). Mine is a quadratic but it also involves a negative summation, thats why i think its wrong, cause maybe its over complicated.
  9. Hey guys, I think i have figured it out , but i got a ridicolous equation for the denominator, which works, but it still is ridicolous......Does anyone think that a ridicolous (meaning its quite long) yet correct (since it gives me the exact values for each) equation will be graded well?
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