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    Viral illness portfolio. I think it got a 19/20 or 20/20, can't remember right now.
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    I've already received my IB results, so I suppose it's fine to share my assignments now.
  3. Ah, I see. If we only have to write a somewhat scientific text explaining what we did, this makes things a lot easier. I was thinking it should be a serious scientific work, with a quality level similar to the EE! Thanks a lot.
  4. Our teachers want us to write a report on our group 4 project, yet they didn't bother explaining how it should be written and, since we can't ask them during the vacations, our group is quite lost. What exactly should we do? Is it similar to a science lab report, in which we report the method we used, report the data we collected, etc? Our should some "fluff" be added, like the ethical and social implications of our work? Do we need to research anything that could apply to our project? I know this may sound silly, but our teachers just sent us an email in the middle of the vacations basically
  5. What's the maximum you can get? Let's say you are doing Arabic A1, Japanese A2, Portuguese A2 (as an elective) and EE in English, that's a tetralingual diploma!
  6. Sorry if this was already asked before, but: can I take a subject at SL and later do the retake at HL, as long as I don't end with 5 HLs? For instance, let's suppose I get a 7 in Physics SL. Then, when applying to universities, I discover that I need Physics HL. Can I retake Physics at HL, and if I get a 7 in the retake, does my Physics SL get "upgraded" to HL? This assuming I've taken only 3 HLs, so that I would end with 4 HLs, which is still allowed.
  7. Without using calculus, you can do what the assignment tells you and use a spreadsheet and an iterated function to find approximate results. Besides solving the problem, you get more points in the "usage of technology" criterion.
  8. Well, the stylistic devices that appear the most are and that you should probably know are: Simile ("A dog is like a friend") Metaphor ("A dog is a friend") Synaesthesia ("The silent odour" or "The red voice", i.e. mixing the senses) Hyperbole ("I've been waiting for ages!") Personification ("The sky cried") Euphemism ("He rests in peace now") Paradox ("The cold fire")
  9. Yes, you are right: While, emotion, reason and perception can "create" new knowledge, language only allows you to "acquire" knowledge that was either felt, reasoned out, or perceived by another person. Note, however, that when IB talks about Ways of Knowing, it means "how do you know something you know?" and not "how was your knowledge created?". So language is a valid Way of Knowing. On the other hand, this is just my perspective. After all, a poet may very well think that he or she is producing new knowledge about human nature when crafting poetry and, if you believe in it, the Bible or the
  10. I've four sources, but I really only needed the two books by the these two historians to write my IA. The other two were basically some primary sources that I used once or twice just to illustrate a point or give an example. I'm planning on finding at least one more source, since all excellent IAs that I read had used 5+ sources, but I don't think the number of sources really matters in the end, as long as your IA is good.
  11. I've chosen this prescribed title too, but I can't decide how many Areas of Knowledge to talk about. I think I could easily discuss Mathematics, Natural Science, History and the Arts, and maybe even Religion, but I fear the word limit.
  12. Yeah, I've realized it after I wrote 2 paragraphs that it wasn't a good idea: the result was getting pretty bad. So I've decided to base my IA on two secondary sources by two historians. They don't have totally different opinions, but they disagree at certain key points. Definitely made my analysis better and more appropriate.
  13. Sweating? Not necessarily. I scuba dived for action and I didn't sweat. ;D
  14. Our school has the IB program as well as the regular program. Everyone must take both. We have a few choices of IB subjects: Portuguese A1 or A2 HL/SL English A2 or B HL/SL German A1, A2 or B HL/SL French A2 or B Hl/SL Biology HL/SL Physics SL Chemistry SL History SL Geography SL Mathematics HL/SL Everyone must take Portuguese, English and a third language (either French or German).
  15. Hi, my research question for my internal assessment is this: "To what extent does John Scopes, in hs reflections on his own trial, accurately interpret the impact and importance of the Scopes “Monkey” Trial?" So, basically, I am going to compare Scopes's view on the importance of his trial (a primary source) with a historian's interpretation of the impact of the trial (secondary source). My question is: is this even a good idea? I mean, Scope's reflection contains a lot of analysis and thus feel more like a secondary source than a primary one. But the problem is that, as a secondary source, hi
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