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  1. i thought paper 1 was quite good too. the evolution one i put the characteristic changes over time or whatever it was, cause i thought homologous structures were in different animals. i remember looking at a picture in class about an arm bone or something in dolphins, humans etc. i found paper 2 data analysis really hard. it was a lot harder than the may 2011 paper, but overall i though bio SL was quite good
  2. I did the exact same thing as you. i actualyl struggled with the marshall lerner condition question. i foudn i had nothing to say so i ended up evaluating the effects of decreasing the exchange rate if exports and imports are inelastic. I found paper 1 quite hard actually but paper 2 was easy
  3. i did the series and differential equations. i couldn't do the last 2 questions which means ive lost about 25 marks. hahahaha. my teacher sed the grade boundaries should be low though.
  4. I also did that option, I seriously hated it!!! I know I did question 5 wrong and I still have that last complex number/differential equation problem in my head =/ Does anyone know how to do it? yeah i couldnt get the last question either and most people in my class had no clue what to do either. the question was worth 15 marks!!! i also couldnt get two zero terms for the maclaurin series in the second last question. i only got one zero term i thought the paper extremely difficult, hoping the grade boundaries will be really really low..
  5. Yep it is.... I just realized I expanded (20-40t)^2 wrongly as 1600t^2 -800t (instead of -1600t) + 400 Im sure u mustve gotten all of the working marks cause u did the right working
  6. I'm applying for economics at cambridge and london school of economics and its "ideal" to have a 7 in HL maths, which basically means i need a 7. For arctan question, it was like solve arctan(1/2) + arctan (1/3). what i did was tan(arctan(1/2) + arctan (1/3))= (1/2 + 1/3)/ (1- 1/2 x 1/3)= 1 then i took tan(1)= pi/4. i didnt do the past paper which had that question on it, so i completely guessed it...
  7. I did the prose, found it okay but kinda weird. Did anyone get the snake hair reference. Was it a reference to medusa, if so what fos medusa have to do with anything
  8. Don't really understand you sorry about the arctan. YES! Only right at the end, didn't get it the first or the second time I looked at it but had an epiphany with 5 mins to go. Using u1=a^2(1-r)^2 and r=r^2 and substitution into the sum formula it re-arranged itself. Omg thats what I did too but I thought that I was way off so I decided to give up. I got up to r= r^2. Would u guys say that paper 1 and 2 was hard compared to other years. I wanna know if it'll be likely that they lower or raise grade boundaries. I really need a 7 for maths, it's a prerequisite for the unis I'm applying to
  9. Presbyterian ladies college Melbourne
  10. For the boat one I also used pythag and calc but I got 2/5 = 12:24pm no idea if that's right tho
  11. For the arctan question I basically took tan of it then took the arctan again. Not sure if ur allowed to do that. Did anyone get the sequences question part b? I spent soo long trying to do it but failed.
  12. i half got the stupid boat question. the vectors question, i had done a question on a past paper that was literallly identical, so i got the vectors one. I think i did well for paper 1, but I still found it really hard. i couldnt do the last question, or induction one. I thought the paper was easier than may 2011 but i hope the grade boundaries will still be low
  13. i thought paper 2 was much harder than paper 1. i couldnt do most of the section B questions, only got the vectors question. the sequences and series question and the last question was impossible
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