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  1. How did you figure out the breakdown of your subject grade? I wanted to find out as well... And someone from last year applied to get her papers re-checked for Bio. Her grade didn't change.
  2. I'm halfway through with IB, but I decided I would take a gap year (or two) before I was even admitted into pre-IB. I am sooo astonished with the amount of people that are going straight into university after IB, how do these people find the motivation to keep going? I can't even begin to understand how or where they find the strength to get up in the morning.. I think the pressure and the stress in IB makes it completely necessary (for me at least) to take a break afterwards. I feel like I am becoming a robot in so many ways, I don't know how other people are coping with this, and of course s
  3. Continuing off of what was said before... Knowledge IN and OF Arts lead you in two different directions. Knowledge OF the arts is always important. Understanding the history of a style or genre of art teaches us much, as anything in history does, of the cultures of people, their own views or morales of society of that time, perhaps even of the way of life or struggles they encountered. Learning of a particular type of theatre in India hundreds of years ago teaches us of how and who they worshipped Gods and we would also realize that for a period of time there were no women performing, because
  4. The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh quite a brilliant book. Don't think you can fall in love with it so much though if you aren't Indian. Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje is almost a great read. A memoir-type of text, but really funny and after a few reads you start to get some really universal ideas out of it.
  5. A lot of the visual arts students have found it not very difficult if they have the talent and a good teacher. It can be a nightmare if not guided properly. The final assignment is basically a big portfolio or something like that. Theatre arts was completely underrated. The first year was nothing but just acting and learning and experimenting and really interesting. We learned 3 different styles intimately and loved it. The second year came with a LOT of work and felt more mechanical, but was still fun. IPPs and PPPs are where your creativity and interest could flourish. The TPPP and RI were m
  6. I wish. Parents would never allow me. Want to take one because I'm not sure if I want to go into the field I have chosen. Sigh.
  7. Haha I'm still wondering the same thing to be honest. I got accepted into my universities without a relatively high predicted because I wasn't sure if they would give me a conditional offer or something (never have heard of the US doing this but wasn't sure) so I didn't know if I could handle the pressure. Now I realize I'll easily get the predicted grades I submitted to my universities but I'm not sure they are going to care at all. Look SATs still remain REALLY important. It is not going to make or break you, but trust me. I got rejected by two really really good universities and I can almos
  8. I've lived in the US and in India and despite all of the cultural stereotypes and thinking that it'll be any different anywhere, it's honestly the same. The only thing that really makes a difference is the leisurely way in which schools/parents/authority figures handle these sort of things. In any public high school in the states you will keep being shown videos about the dangers of drunk driving and getting high, not that anyone listens, but they sort of make an effort to make the consequences known. Also like mentioned above, it can be harder to get booze so the number of occasions a teen mi
  9. My teacher said an overall 6 is usually around 71-72% if that gives you any idea at all That's usually what I get so I'm not sure below or above.
  10. Well to be honest I'm only in the IB for lack of better choice. I didn't want to op for the Indian boards or A-levels and I figured I'd have a better shot at getting into the colleges I wanted in the states. To be really honest, I still feel lost. But maybe not in the way that you are thinking about. I've always done pretty well in school, sure now and then I'll get a little too distracted or careless and then find myself scrambling to fix it, but if you were in the kind of atmosphere I am -- you would be patting yourself on the back for even getting this far. My school is not fit to be an IB
  11. I took both for my first year - I had 4 HLs. I wasn't totally unsure about what area I wanted to go into after high school and since I only though I'd apply to the US its not really that big of a deal because you don't have to declare a major. But by DP2 I knew that I hated B&M and coulnd't handle for HLs if I wanted to keep up good grades. In the first year it was fine but then I realized how much work Theatre AND business were going to take because I hadn't started on my IAs for either. In my opinion B&M at the IB level is a lot of bullsh*t. It seems like common sense is enough to ge
  12. Like was mentioned, most schools really don't care about your SLs apart from the fact that you are expected to have some language, some english (if studying at an english-speaking uni) and some math etc. I've applied to a range of places and based on what I am applying for I have rarely seen anyone ask about my SLs apart from math because I have to ace it since its SL -- see that's where I should've taken HL math instead but I thought I'd fail so I didn't. But honestly a lot of schools are looking more at the total and then your HLs or relevant subjects to your course which is only IF they req
  13. yes you definitely can. Only the RI requires you to strictly cover an area you have not yet explored. but if at all possible you could try to link in some other styles or practitioners? just to give yourself some variety.
  14. So I figure you have probably finished your practice ppp for class but for future reference I hope this helps Well I wouldn't say its that personal. Obviously the reasoning behind your entire proposal should be personal to you as it should be something original, unique and yes in some way a part of you will be in this piece but that does not mean that your entire essay is simply you pouring out your deep feelings about OCD or paranoia or whatever else seems releveant to your peice. Instead the rationale is merely what the name says: your reasoning for doing what you are doing. You will realiz
  15. So the last exam is approaching quickly, which for me is French ab initio. But I sort of avoided studying french all this time because I usually just do okay. But I'm sort of freaking out because I know sometimes I just get really lost on Paper 1. Any suggestions for how to revise for Paper 1 and Paper 2? Since paper 1 tends to have a lot of stuff you haven't seen I know it's harder to prep for, my teacher just suggests going over all the vocab we've ever done on any topic. But I feel like that's such a crazy amount because there's a lot of stuff I sort of got by without really doing in depth
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