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  1. Hey this criteria that my english teacher gave me might help you: how the content of the task is linked to a particular part of the course how the task is intended to explore particular aspects of the course the nature of the task chosen information about audience, purpose and the varying contexts in which the task is set. The rationale should not only include knowledge about the text or topic studied, but also about the formal conventions of the text type produced and how they relate to the aims of the task.
  2. Hey I have to write an essay about global hubs and peripheries, does anybody have any good sources that don't require me to read through 20 pages of an academic essay? Thanks
  3. Thanks a million!! Now i just have to grow the roots but that shouldn't be too hard. Internal Assessment saved.
  4. Hi guys, I have this crazy bio teacher and he sent out an e.mail today for us to design a lab that we are conducting on the 9th... well this is all of the info he gave us: Design a microscopy experiment where microorganisms/cells are studied. Note: you will need to focus on ideas such as comparison between different cells, measurements, physical characteristics, special processes etc. Now I don't even have a starting idea of what on earth to do.. Grateful for all tips!!!... whoever gave me the idea of taking bio HL Thanks guys!!
  5. Thank you so much! Liver worked perfectly!!
  6. hey guys I'm sitting in front of our lab design with my lab partner and we're seriously stuck! Could someone please tell us where you can find catalase, and what is the best substrate to work with to find the reaction rate? Thank You
  7. Yep the geo EE has to be local, or at least somewhere where you can reach easily, so if you go to a country like four times a year and you have enough time to do research it is fine. As far as the topic for Geography goes, you seem to be interested in Immigration, so you can do that. You can base it on a cultural group in your city or country, e.g. if your in Germany (like me) the turkish community that immigrated to Germany. Hope I could help
  8. International School Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany --> May 2013
  9. I was thinking about writing a fictitious article from the point of view of a reporter back then, published in the New York Times after the pearl harbor attack, to convince the American Population that fighting in World War II is the right thing to do. Thanks for the feedback btw
  10. Hey guys I have to turn in my first written task in a couple of days about war reporting and propaganda. My topic is the use of propaganda during World War 2 in America, but I'm not sure what type of text would be more reasonable: an opinion column (from the present time about World War 2) or an article written in the newspaper during WW2 to convince americans of being involved in the war? Hope you guys can help me I'm kind of lost. Leo
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