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  1. The titles posted above are the same for everyone... so there you go.
  2. Why does everyone have such good grades?... This makes me kinda feel bad Anyways: Background Status: Asian Male Country: Chinese School Type: American International School in Philippines Academics: Scores: SAT I: M740CR670W720 (M=maths, CR=critical reading, W=writing) SAT II: To be taken GPA: 3.6UW 3.85W (uw=unweighted, w=weighted, All ib courses are weighted) Rank: 30-40/180 (rank/class size) Senior year course schedule and predicted grades: Film HL - 7 Physics HL - 6/7 Maths HL - 5/6 Business SL - 7 English Lang Lit SL - 6 French SL - 6 Extracurriculars: 1. Cross Country 2. Bamboo Televisio
  3. Nope, that's incorrect. Maybe it is for the first time, but the E2 takes account into the extra distance, plus it's not always 0.98
  4. I don't think we can share that, it's not that hard to deduct for yourself.
  5. It could be an equation. How do you know if its 'worth it' or not Think about how much he saves, vs salary. You could, i didn't, i just assumed one or the other.
  6. Think about how long it would take to fill up the gas at the extra distance, and consider if its worth it.
  7. Yes, you initially assume the gas station a is $1, and b is $.98 like in the question. You can adjust the price later using graph to compare a 2% saving.
  8. Alright answers to all your questions: * I got a 15 on this one, so don't expect it to be perfect. Pick a few variables, that one isn't very hard. Effective liters is just a method of comparison to calculate the fuel economy. In theory, which ever car has less cost per effective liter wins, because it's cheaper. Effective liter is calculated by finding the cost of the amount of fuel used while traveling on the NORMAL ROUTE only. So for B, it would naturally be more expensive, because it spends more fuel going to the gas station. To find the effective liter, find the cost of fuel, total amoun
  9. It's always best to do the most you are capable of. Taking Math HL if you can do it, opens up doors in economics and science. Also, it's nice for colleges to see you are taking the hardest course possible.
  10. In the first question, when it asks for a set of variables that would be relevant, do we also consider ones in the "choose a suitable parameter for the vehicle", even though they are parameters and not variables?
  11. band for having such a long signature
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